I need concorde in the game, it is so beautiful!
Gets my vote any day!


500th vote!


concorde would be a great time to add now as people want to do long haul flights but cant but with the concorde a long haul flight would be done with a short haul flight time!


100% agree entirely. With the addition of Global, the Concorde is the next logical step.


This plane can help speed up our long haul flights so that we don’t have to wait for that long to reach the destination.


My dad got to fly it once. He said it was the shortest time he ever spend on a trans-ocean flight ever. He also said it was a super tight squeeze.


we should totally get Concorde in IF. Would be nice to reduce the travel time by a few hours from KJFK to EGLL. The Concorde has a top speed of 1354 mph!


Which is more important.

  • A330 Rework
  • ATR-75
  • Concorde
  • A350

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What? ATR-75? That doesn’t even exist! You mean the ATR-72 right?


I want to Concorde! Sadly no votes :(


Ha true my bad


Which one do you prefer?

  • Tupolev-144
  • Concorde
  • Boeing-2707
  • Under development X-plane

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What’s the Boeing 2707?


It was going to be Boeing’s supersonic cruised, but the program was cancelled after the attacks on 9/11 and rising fuel prices. Airlines didn’t want fast, they wanted efficient, and so Boeing made the 787.


You’re thinking of the Sonic Cruiser. That came after the news Concorde was going to be retired, so Boeing came up with this design to potentially replace it. May I mention that it cruised at M .98, so not even supersonic?

The 2707 was Boeing’s concept in the 60’s during the supersonic airliner race. It never got past a full scale wooden mockup because the technology wasn’t enough at the time and the American taxpayer didn’t want to put more money into it, so funding was cut.


Lockheed L 2000 was also participating during supersonic airline race.


I didn’t put it in the poll because the design lost to Boeing 2707.


I believe this was announced at the FDS conference or so my friend says.


Your friend is wrong then. The Concorde has not been officially announced, and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future ;)


Uhh… that’s where your wrong. (Isn’t official but came from a mod.)