Mate, nobody cares about limitations. They care about the freedom they can get from playing IF. It’s a complete to-scale globe! Many aircraft to choose from, and lots more! Even though it’s fun and realistic, (sometimes) it’s still a game whether you like it or not. It’s not something that can train you to be a real world pilot, and it isn’t the best compared to a few others like XP11 or P3D, but it’s the best we have on a mobile platform! But that’s the good thing about it. People have a choice. They can use it as a simulator, or a game. But limitations gets rid of that choice. Now I am only going to say this now and not say it again, but it is you choice… if you really care about realism, and are afraid that there would be too many Concordes in the sky, then fly solo. There isn’t much else that I can say. Limitations only hurt both FDS and the users that play IF.


Little thing, maybe off topic but very important: We had the „train to become a real pilot“ thing a couple days ago under a different thread.
To make it clear:
No home simulator teaches you the skills needed to fly a real airplane.


XP-11 is a certified simulator for flying hours under FAA and CAA ruling


Yes it is, but only under certain circumstances. You need approved equipment AND most important a flight instructor.


Edit: added the quote

I like this idea the best.

Edit: Just to be clear, I would prefer there be no restrictions beyond what is already in place. But, if a restriction is absolutely necessary, then this is the best solution. To have a flight level restriction. But, to make it more realistic, make the flight level restriction be from ground to 30,000 feet be sub-sonic and then 30,000 and up have supersonic speeds allowed.

Edit: This is more realistic because while the maximum cruising altitude of the Concorde was 60,000 feet, the pilots didn’t always fly that high. On average, the Concorde would fly between 30,000 and 45,000 feet.


The trolls if this is added though 😂


I agree. It would be hilarious. But, I also think the hilarity of it would wear off after a few days. After that it would get annoying.


yeah, and thats probably what FDS are skeptical about.


However, there have always been trolls, and there will always be trolls till the end of time. People just have to learn to ignore them. There are bigger issues in the world than if someone is trolling you in a flight simulator.


yea, fair point, basically trolls would only be on casual server.Its possible that it could be added but could be bad in the wrong hands,


Exactly. There is only one restriction I would be willing and happy to support. And that would be banning the Concorde from the casual server.


indeed, and maybe a grade restriction.(only allowed on expert or solo mode)


In my opinion, best solution is allowing special planes just for grade 4 and grade 5. If the pilot gets violation, then he/she will lose his/her concorde and other special aircrafts.

And it will reduce the number of trolls.

Casual server is ok. But training and expert servers shouldn’t include trolls. People are trying to feel like reality in these servers. Let’s kick trolling out of serious servers.😁


For sure voting! The Concorde is a pretty awesome (and fast) airplane.


Honestly there shouldn’t be a ban on Concorde. The fighters in IF are more troll than Concorde and they aren’t banned to low grade pilots or have server restriction. Concorde in IRL was never used to do stunts while fighters do so I doubt pilots in IF will do stunts in Concorde. The most annoying thing you could do in it is to do high speed pass over airport. I think you guys are too dramatic with Concorde, take a breath and think about how it was used in real life then compare it to fighters.


Haven’t voted yet because I don’t have anymore votes but I’m sure that this would be a great feature


Lol. True! I wish we had more votes. 😅


Some are good, some are meh… The call sign is good but it would need to be “Speedbird Concorde 001”


Supersonic speeds in global 😍 what’s not to love about the iconic Concorde. You’d finish flights 4 hours earlier in a Concorde.


Can’t agree on that bud. Wouldn’t want to wait to get up to almost 100 hours of flight time just to fly the Concorde.