Whoever wanted the limit on number of Concorde need to have their eyes open. There are far more A380s in IF than in IRL and nobody is complaining about that. There is also more VC-25s in IF than IRL.

While IF aim to be a realistic stimulator, it will never be as real as in real life. We are playing with our iPad or phone while pilot use real yoke. Concorde should be open to everyone in IF since it’s such unique plane and it’s a gem to our eyes.


AGREED!!! 100% YES! Why do we need to limit special planes???


I’m sorry, what??!! No way in hell am I paying an additional fee. You need to pay for the base game, you then have to pay for a subscription. If there is an additional fee added on for the Concorde, I WILL leave Infinite Flight, and cancel my subscription.


That I could agree with. Not an additional fee. But, I can get behind making it so that you have to be at a certain grade to fly it.


My suggestion is: Only, the grade 4 and grade 5 players will have right to use this plane in IF. And it will be just for a day (24hrs) in a month.

And we can see less concorde than other planes. And it will force troll players to play in rules to get higher grades for concorde.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! NO!! If you are going to limit the Concorde, why not limit all special planes to one day a month??? Like the military charter planes. The US Government 737 and 757 for example. Or Air Force One?


The Grade rule, I’m ok with. But the 24 hour limit?.. no.
Again, as @CptMats said, this is a simulator for fun. Realism shouldn’t get in the way of entertainment and freedom.
What would be the point of limiting how much time you can use it? Just so we can get fewer planes?
Again, everything that has been said before against the paywall applies.


Why do people have to limit the plane??? Why can’t we just have this because it is a cool plane??? Don’t make regulations just because you don’t want trollers. The grade limit takes care of that. If you have a grade limit, there is no frickin need for a time limit as well!!!


But Concorde is special special special one. I cannot dare to see this great plane everywhere. It should stay special, just kidding of course but maybe we can do all special planes available for grade 4 and 5. And troll players will get another game style.

Mine was a suggestion. Of course developers, editors, admins etc. will think and choose themselves. Maybe we can give them some ideas to make it easy.


Also, when I say I’m fine with the Grade rule, that doesn’t mean I support it.
I’m pretty sure Grade 1s with F22s can do a lot more damage than if they were using a Concorde.
And, @Charlie_Boothe, the troller thing is still a fair point…


Also true!! If you people truly can’t accept having the Concorde without any extra strings attached, then have the grade limit.

But, it would be better if you just bite the bullet, accept that trollers will abuse this plane, and move on!

The same can be said about Air Force One, but I don’t see any feature requests about limiting the use for that plane, do you?


OOOHHH!!! Here’s another good idea!! If you don’t want trollers to annoy you, fly in Solo mode!!


Alright guys, you are greatly clogging the thread, there is also no need to argue. Just state your opinions, and that’s it. It’s that simple. Nothing else!


I don’t agree with you. This is a game but at the same time a simulator. Maybe it cannot perform like a pc simulator but it tries to be good and in my opinion it’s the best for handyphones. And in real aviation, yes we can see some interesting crashes, words, cases. But all pilots and atc workers are trying to be careful. And we are here to get similar experience. We are paying for this. Solo is a different area. Not our theme for this subject.

My suggestion is easy. They can continue to trolling. But if they want to use these special ones… they need to care rules and other people.


Yes, this is a simulator, and yes people are generally alright on it. But, the simplest solution if you don’t want to deal with trollers is to fly in Solo mode.


You can’t deny that.


If you truly care about realism and would be annoyed that others are flying it, then that’s what Solo mode is for. By adding limitations, less and less people will want this.


That’s not real solution. In real world or siber world, that’s why there are always new rules. Also we have casual, training, expert modes. Casual mode is free for trolling. And i don’t say anything about that mode. But training mode and expert mode are for players who want to have realistic experience.

Please don’t offer me “solo”. It’s wrong perspective. In real life there are murderers, accidents, illnesses. So, do we need to die immediately? Or stay at home???

In the games, there are cheaters, trolls etc. Ah yes solution is easy; close the internet! Close the modem! What an amazing solution…

“Solo” will remain a popular music name for me. If someone say again “solo” in this topic, I won’t read it. Look at me! Great solution.


There are a lot of people that play this game so don’t expect everything to be done only towards your satisfaction. Not everything is perfect in life and you just have to adapt to the situation. If you are so annoyed with people messing around, Expert server is your solution! And if you are still unhappy, then that is your problem, not ours…Anyways getting back on point, Concorde would be a great addition to the game but people will have to watch out for speed violations if it comes out lol


Best solution is putting Flight Level and Speed restrictions. Example: Sea Level - FL400 = Subsonic speed only. FL400-FL500 = supersonic speed. That’s why there are Violations in Expert Server 😏 Plus adding realism too. Easy peasy beautiful breazy. Now back to the topic. 😉