So, this is kinda related, but if the Concorde ever is added to IF, then what would the manufacturer be labeled as? Since the Concorde was designed and built by a few different companies in a joint operation, not just one.


commonly used is Sud Aviation or “Aérospatiale” as the manifacturer. British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) is never been used.


Alright. If nothing else, I hope FDS talks about the Concorde during the conference on Saturday.


For me , other than global, this will surely be “ The Plane” and one of the most anticipated updates personally if implemented …


very true. I have the very same personal opinion.


The Concorde just is a very special plane. It would be something totally different than every other commercial airliner we have at the moment. With that being said, I think it’s clear that we have quite high expectations on the flight model and the special things coming with it: afterburners, the lowering nose, new rules on the servers for this particular aircraft etc., simply meaning that if we get the Concord, it’ll probably something for the end-of-the-year update because of the complexity of this particular project.
I’m quite excited for the event tomorrow actually.


I think Concorde should be added but paid for separately. And the price point should be set very high to limit usage.


No, simply no. I’m good with paying a monthly fee to get access to live mode, all aircraft and to support the devs. I totally understand that, but I’m not willing to pay even more for flying the Concorde. There needs to be another way to limit the usage if it’s even needed.


How about we just don’t try to limit it like very other new aircraft we’ve created?
As I said before, it would hurt FDS in terms of their profit off the aircraft. Many people would also probably see it as them being sellouts.
A Concorde could attract many people, but putting up a high paywall just to limit it for #Realism seems a bit too far.
I seriously doubt that FDS would put up a high seperate IAP just for the Concorde, despite what a few people on the IFC say.


The point for some of us here is (not for me), that in real life the Concorde was a rare aircraft and it only flew on a very few routes regularly. If the Concorde gets released, probably everyone would fly it on any route because of its speed and elegance. By limiting the amount of Concordes per server, it would be much easier to control speeds and routes (for example no super sonic speed above land area).


I get that. However, every single release, for a couple weeks the new aircraft has high demand. It eventually dies down and goes back to normal.
Even though it’s a special aircraft, is it really going to happen very differently? And does that type of realism matter that much?


The thing is that the rule of Ground speed under FL400 will limit the use of the high speed at lower altitude. But I think that people would love to fly Concorde for flying long routes with less time than other aircrafts. Especially cruising oceans flights.

+, Concorde was considered as no really needed at the time we had regions. But now we have full planet so having this plane have all the sense now.

I wonder if the physics that devs have to put in delta wing design will need to be adapted… its an interesting airplane in development side aswell.

And last thing, even if it was a « rare aircraft » with onmy BA and AF operators, it still a legendary aircraft and very popular one.


I don’t think we need such restrictions, after some time everything will go to normal. Besides that, I still think that the demand of the Concorde won’t drop as significant as it did with the MD/DC aircraft or the CRJ Series.

How it develops in the end is hard to predict, so time will show if we really need such drastic restrictions.


Yeah, I agree. But I still don’t think limiting an aircraft will be worth it. I, and I’m sure many other people also would, be annoyed if I wanted to fly the Concorde but couldn’t because too many people were already using it.
Hell, I might not even be about to use the Concorde at all if the max number of people are using it every time I’m on.
I’m sure that FDS would have a lot more negative than positive feedback if they limited the Concorde or any aircraft.
But I actually think that the Concorde’s demand will drop as much as the other new aircraft, even if it takes a bit longer. Especially by the time a new aircraft is out.


Sharing your opinion. As I said, time will show if restrictions are really needed. Letting people pay for it is the worst solution for it imo, and limiting the amount of available aircraft will also cause a shitstorm. Some people forget that IF is most about the fun, then comes the realism.


Yeah, I completely agree. A paywall would be a mess.


Alternatively, how about Concorde only available to download once you have achieved a certain level of XP or Grade?


This would mean that players who are grade 1 or 2 for various reasons can’t fly the Concorde but they still pay for it. Little issue at this point.


Yes but they’ve got something to work towards . . plus it would be a great achievement once they have reached the required grade. Just like not being able to access Expert Server until they’re reached the grade


Good point. I’m excited for what’s to come in the future regarding the whole Concorde topic.