Perhaps free some ‘random’ votes? 😉


They would probably make it part of the pro subscription though 😭 not everyone can afford £10/month or £60/year, and I’m only 16 so my parents wouldn’t allow it 😭


It would be part of the Pro Sub, and that makes it much cheaper than buying it by itself


agreed. I would much rather have it be part of the pro sub, rather than having to buy it single. Adding ANOTHER fee is just stupid BS.


All planes are always apart of the Pro sub. The question is whether it’s free for non-pro subscribers or not.
They removed the single-plane IAPs a little while back, I believe.


I really hope the developers choose to add this. It would be super cool to fly. And the landing challenge would be fun to tackle as well.


This aircraft has to be added to IF. The concorde is amazing and I rather get this aircraft before the A350 and B737Max however I still would be thrilled about those other 2 ;)


I remember years ago when there was no community but this separate website for feature suggestions… Concorde was always one of the top ranked suggestions and it even had the status „in planing“ back then.

I doubt that we’ll see Concorde in 2018 or 2019. But I’d love to see this all time legend at some point in the virtual air.


I wouldn’t be so sinical. I have a feeling that the Concorde is going to be seen very soon. Either that, or FDS is going to have a community riot on their hands.


Yeah but imagine all the trolls and stuff flying Mach 1 past the airport.


and that is what we have violations for. If you buzz the airport at Mach One, then you get a violation. I feel like that is reasonable.


If you’re going above 250 under 10K you’ll get violated so I can’t see it


True. Didn’t think of that one


If I were to make a movie on the release of this, It’s definitely going to be called Countdown. Can’t get over the suspense that builds up when the captain goes “3, 2, 1, Now.”


Casual sever aha, Would just be a bunch of these flying around at mach 1


After much contemplation and research, I’ve come up with a solution to that:

Don’t fly on casual


Wow a bet that took countless days and nights to come up with that hypothesis. Joking sorry for the sarcasm, I don’t fly on casual, don’t even fly that much usually I’m ATC


Whys that?


I hope it gets added eventually, I’ve never had the opportunity to be a passenger on one of these beauties!


My dad did once. He said that it was a tight squeeze, but a super cool plane. Also the shortest time he has ever been in the air for an trans-Atlantic flight like ever.