ah. How big are we talking? Like a pebble from the asphalt on the runway? Or something bigger?


Nothing big


still deadly though. So what, that thing got stuck in one of the turbines?


It cut the wheel which went into the engines


dang, okay then. A little crazy that one small piece of metal was able to completely destroy an entire aircraft.


FOD kills lol FOD incidents are never fun and they cost way to much money


The tires ran over the debris. The tire debris hit the tank and made the fuel bounce around before the fuel broke the tank. The afterburners ignited the leaking fuel and the plane took off. The landing gear were stuck in the down position and the left wing started to melt. This caused the plane to stall and crash


so, ultimately the cause was still a design flaw? the walls of the fuel tank weren’t thick enough.


If I remember correctly it was also too heavy and yes the fuel tanks were not thick enough. So the plane was redesigned and went back into service before retiring in 2003.

Fun fact, after 9/11 people felt safer on a Concorde because people thought hijackers couldn’t afford tickets on it and no fighter jet could catch the Concorde

(As in no evil country could come and shoot it down)


What lol, I’d love see that source


I would too, it was a news report around the time the Concorde was retired


that is crazy fun fact. If anyone is able to find that source, they sound pin it to this topic.


Well everyone, the Concorde didn’t go down in seconds only because of a piece from a DC-10 which lead to a tank breakup etc…

Myself, I thought the same thing but one day I wanted to do some research into the “Concorde Crash” to know more about it because when I do some deep research things often turn out to be A LOT more complex than I originally thought.

It is often said that most aircraft accident were because of a whole chain of events that lead to the tragic accident and the crash of Air France Flight 4590 is no exception. I will be writing a book if I had to explain what happened exactly, the truth behind this horrific tragedy but there is an instructive and insightful video of nearly 20 minutes long with former BA Concorde captain, John Hutchinson, explaining why did this happened.


Hey, so in this topic, they were talking about how not all the cockpits look real. While that topic was about the 737, it does bring up a good point. What would the Concorde flight deck look like if it was added to IF?


And Barbados! Don’t forget it. Though I would prefer comcorde to be treated like any other plane, but with a higher over speed warning and sonic booms. In fact, the other supersonic aircraft in game should have sonic booms.


@Randomguy12, don’t forget that you can vote for Sonic Booms or create a topic for it if it has not yet been requested!


Couldn’t say it better myself, If I had to pay an extra $50 To get the Concorde, I would just buy an extension to my subscription. I would love to go Mach 2 in Concorde, but $50 isn’t worth something you can do in an F-22.


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No kidding. Especially when there are other flight simulators out there that have the concorde, there is no pro subscription and the plane only costs $2.


It would look exactly like a Concorde flight deck. This will be a new plane with high graphics, not one made in 2013