Why does it makes sense to add it now? Besides they have to have real pilots to get accurate physics and those Concorde pilots are in short supply.


Hi @Michri_A_Kattar We haven’t seen you on IFC for a while. I tried to get a bit of a discussion going with some very debatable points on the Concorde, with the idea to get some more votes for this aircraft. The discussion came; the result was about 6 votes extra…


You forgot the BA Negus livery and the 25 or 50 years anniversary livery.


As the Concorde is old, most of their pilots are older and starting to pass away. If they want to make the physics as realistic as possible like they want too, now is the time.


It would be cool cruising at supersonic speeds higher than any other aircraft currently available on IF. VOTE!


We need this in IF ASAP


What do you mean? Weren’t these things flying up until the early or late 2000’s? I have to imagine that at least some of these pilots are in their 40’s.


The last concorde flight was in 2003, and I may be mistaken but I believe the pilot for that flight was in their late 30s.


Being able to fly the Concorde is a seniority thing in both AF and BA. There might be a few young pilots but many were late in their career when they started flying.


I feel that the Concorde is such a special aircraft that FDS, if they ever release it, must impose to all the users who already have a pro subscription and who wants to fly the Concorde must pay an extra 50$ or pay some amount of money to fly it x number of times.

What do you think about that? Is it a good idea or not?


Most likely never going to happen, but hey, nothings wrong with having an idea.


AN EXTRA $50?!!!??!! Are you insane!?!?I mean, you have already bought the base game, plus the pro subscription. Adding an addition fee is just BS!!


Yeah no… that would make FDS’s work almost useless. That would severely decrease the amount of users that would use the Concorde, and it would also look really scummy on the part of the developers.
Honestly, why are we treating the Concorde this differently? Yes, it was a special plane in real life, but we shouldn’t be treating this differently in IF (other than speed violation changes and small things like that, to accommodate for the speed and performance of the aircraft).


No even if you had a special server for these planes, there would still be flying these in Casual And Training server and possibly even Expert server. Besides what the point of paying for them if you would have restrictions on specific servers you fly in?


If I had to pay an extra $50, I would defect to XP11, because the cost of the game, the cost of the subscription I pay, and adding $50 would be insane. I absolutely hate games that make you pay to get everything.

Why is this such a different aircraft to everyone, as @AIDoLS said? Sure, it goes Mach 2, and it would be unrealistic if we had everyone flying them, but do we really have to go to this measure of suggesting fees or certain routes? I thought we wanted Concorde for the fact that it is an iconic aircraft? It would seem that we just want it for its’ speed. Get it together, everyone. Let’s start talking about how awesome this aircraft would be in the sim, not how we can limit it to the community.


I have a feeling that for a couple weeks after the release of a Concorde update everyone would fly it, but I bet that after a while things would calm down as they have for almost every other update.


I’m with Krol on this one. 100%

#727 One question I have though is will the Concorde have the new APPR? Because when the Concorde was still flying, wasn’t APPR still in the experimental stages? And wasn’t the concorde one of the test aircraft for it?


and wasn’t the crash caused by a leak in the fuel tank?


It was due to FOD which caused everything else to go down