Hope to see this too!



why should you have to pay extra for the special server? I mean you already pay the subscription fee. If an additional fee is added on for a “special plane” server, that’s just BS.


No it’s just do that you dont have 15 Concorde at klas and that’s u relaistuc as crap.


Klax not klas autocorrect


Huh, I didn’t know that Singapore owned concordes. Now did Pepsi also own one, or was that just a special livery designed by one of the airlines?


Special livery>>pepsi


I’m still confused. So will this special server have an additional fee to access, or not? because in the suggestion you typed “but only for the purchased server”. Now that makes me think your suggesting an added fee.


The Pepsi Concorde was a huge advertisement tail number F-BTSD they paid between $600,000 and $5 million for the new paint job


okay, that’s actually pretty cool. I never really liked pepsi as a soda, but to use a whole plane livery as an advertisement is just plain cool.


Singapore Airlines partnered with BA, mostly by providing crew. I believe the aircraft was owned by BA. Singapore Airlines livery was painted only on one side…the other side was standard BA livery.


I’m fairly certain you’re right. I don’t ever remember hearing of Singapore having their own.


either way, have any of the IF admins confirmed or denied that the Concorde would be coming to a digital runway near you?


There has never been a confirmation that the Concorde would be coming but on the same hand, there has never been a denial. I don’t think it will be coming anytime soon though, if it would come. There are many more things in the works and many more things to be released. We can look forward to those!
All the best :)


The only thing we have is one of the developers made the Concorde but it was rejected for being too low in quality. Laura also said the Concorde would not be added till Global as it would be pointless to fly a supersonic plane from Los Angeles to San Diego.


but now we do have global flight, so why not add the Concorde in with all the other new changes that are happening this year? I mean, we have the entirely redone CRJ series, the DC planes, and a bunch of other stuff. I mean it would make sense to add the Concorde in now, with all the other changes. Unless they are wanting to do something REALLY big to launch the Concorde.


Because FDS thinks the majority want GA which is far from the truth


Why do you say that?


Because GA are at the #10 spot on most voted aircraft.


Okay for feature request, imagine how many non IFC’ers there are flying out there. But let’s keep this on track about Concorde feel free to PM me!


While I do want some more GA aircraft, I will say that I see mostly airliners or fighter jets flying. This is about Concorde, let us get back on topic.