Nah the problem is that FDS thinks that we want more GA’s


There’s no way to restrict people regarding the sever and routes. If they were to ship and update for Concorde, they can’t just limit to devices that are on the expert server. When an update ships, everyone gets it. They also can’t restrict the area you fly in.

Honestly it’s ok if it’s brought to all servers. Even though it may be rough for those on casual and training servers, it will be fun for everyone to have.


I like this idea. Let’s have a max if 2 concords on any server at any time. Then we can play spot the concord!


I don’t agree because everybody would want to fly the Concorde when if it is released and most people will probably never get to fly the Concorde on a server. Of course it will be available on solo.


Is it realistic having any MD-11? No, because no airline currently uses that aircraft. And yet, we have it, and it isn’t restricted. Is it realistic having a bunch of F22s in KLAX spawned in at civilian gates or airliner gates? No. So, should we limit F22s as well then?
There has to be a limit to what has to be realistic. Infinite Flight is something for people to enjoy, and have fun flying in. It isn’t a government simulator that has to be constantly regulated to make sure that everything is as realistic as possible.
Plus, this would be a lot of time, effort, and money on FDS’s part just to only let 2 people at a time play it on all servers, or only letting Grade 3+ fly it. Or, @Joseph_Krol, only letting people fly it twice per month.


Maybe give them only two/three chances to fly it per month… That’ll contain most of it.

I see your point, but it does not necessarily have to be within the time limits I said. It could be 20 times per month, for all I care, but I suggest reducing the amount of days, so you don’t see Concordes everywhere. I love the Concorde. It’s a revolutionary airplane, and I would like it in IF…however, something has to be done, or we’ll be living like the oil crisis never happened, with hundreds of Concordes flying at one time, maybe coming across a 737 once in a while. Then, all of FDS’ work over almost 10 years is never used much again… That would be much worse, don’t you think?

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I won’t reiterate my already said opinions, but they still stand.
In ALL of Infinite Flight history, has there ever been any aircraft that was the only one, or nearly the only one used for longer than, say, a month after the update came out? No. Who’s to say that the Concorde will be any different?
And, I don’t agree with any time limits whatsoever. And the oil crisis never happened in IF, did it?


What’s your problem, if you’re saying that people want realism then, then in the Expert Server at least, you won’t find Concorde doing stupid routes like Frankfurt to Madrid. In the same way you won’t see a British Airways 777-300ER flying Heathrow to Manchester. Yeah in the Training Server I’m sure it would be far less regimented but like @Ryan_Vidad said, you see Grade 1 pilots flying A380s into all sorts of airports anyway but that doesn’t happen in the Expert Server. We don’t need restrictions. Most of the time that you’re flying you’re up at FL360 away from other planes anyway.

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We’ve been over and over and over and over and over this already. When the Concorde comes, nothing special will be done with it, FDS would never limit their players for a more realistic experience. This is a simulator, a game, on our phones and tablets for our amusement and enjoyable experience, and if you don’t want the Concorde or dislike it what so ever then leave. All your doings is wasting your time, screaming and crying thinking that your gonna build up some force and get what you want. Do me a favor, go to flight school, get a job, and fly in the real world because screaming on the fourms for a more realistic experience on a game is just childish and a real a disappointment.


For those of you complaining about why FDS won’t create the Concorde, it’s because there are 38 Commercial Aircraft and 3 General Aviation Aircraft. While many of us on the forum prefer Commercial Aviation, we have to honor that some people prefer GA. I would be annoying to only have 3 aircraft you want to fly, and all of them based on slightly older models.


Agreed here. Let’s give the GA aircrafts some time to shine. I highly doubt that Concorde will never come to the app. It’s just right now isn’t the time. Let’s give it a year :)


God has given his metaphore

That is called comunism

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Looks like a bit of a prickly subject. We could have a function which lets users turn concords into say a 172 skyhawk so then discerning users can switch off seeing too many Concords! (They wouldnt see any!)

You cannot please all of the people all of the time.

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I agree till some point. The problem I’m having with Concorde is that it’s highly unrealistic seeing thousands of Concordes flying at the same time in the game. On your hand though as soon as the CRJ will release we’ll probably see thousands of those planes flying around the same time in the same location too. So I think that a Concorde release would be the same as every time a plane is released. We would see a hype for like one month and then after that period of time it will normalize again so I don’t think it would be that worse. I’d like to see it added in the game. It’s such a beautiful and unique airplane.


In a game that hosts over 20,000 different players, you 40-50 are a very small minority. Whether you think it’ll be unrealistic or you think there will be trolls doesn’t matter. There are a multitude of players that want the Concorde in the sim, and it’s a much bigger player base than all of you whining
Ooh there will be so many trolls
Ooh it won’t be realistic, and I am so realistic

It’s a Multiplayer Online flight Simulator! Look at FSX!! THERE ARE HOT AIR BALLOONS DOING MACH 3 IN CONTROLLED AIRSPACE!!!
But I bet you wouldn’t moan about them, because you enjoy it and it’s humourous.

Grow up people, there is a much larger population, myself included that would love to see Concorde in the sim.
If you don’t want it, don’t fly it.


A request is just that, it’s a request. It’s not an order or a mandate. FDS can take these into consideration, but at the end of the day they run the show, not us. If they feel GA is necessary, they’ll add GA. Otherwise just sit tight and talk about the Concorde in the Concorde feature request. Arguments about whether an aircraft is strictly what the community wants are immature, unproductive, and off-topic.


This is amazing. This is one of my favourite aircraft’s.


This would be an EPIC aircraft in infinite flight! this would also be very efficient on long-haul routes, too!