I hope to see this one day with the special Concorde liveries!

Who knows. The developers , don’t quote me on this, “might” actually consider this. I would think many people would have their doubts as the fleet was retired in 2003 it perhaps looks like. Maybe a good o’le break the sound barrier in a Concord might help us staying awake during a flight.

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Erm, I think the pc-12 bridges the gap between GA and Airliners. Nor fighters.


Before making up your own conclusions, actually take a look for yourself. Use Google. The Pilatus PC-12 and Pilatus PC-21 are completely different aircraft. The PC-21 is used to train fast jet pilots, and is specifically designed to have the ease of use of a GA type aircraft, but have some elements of a jet fighter aircraft.


My apologies. I misread it as PC-12.

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YES! Concorde would be awesome for IF! gets my vote!

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Being 100% honest, I think this plane is a little to old to be in IF. I wouldn’t really fly it to much because it’s old like PanAm. But this would be cool for a lot

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The spitfire is too old then also,


And that’s why I don’t fly it XD

Well, we already have the DC-10 and B747-200, and then there’s the really old stuff: the Spitfire and P-38. I do however understand your viewpoint.


I was only 5 months old when they retired the Concorde :(…


She is a beauty. I have had the privilege of visiting and boarding two examples of the Concorde, based in the UK. A feat of aviation. (The drop nose was not a flap replacement, the fuselage is not an aerofoil, so the nose is not a flap).
Little bit of trivia, the bulkhead on the Concorde shrank and expanded during flight, to the point where one of its pilots put his hat on it, only to find at the end of the flight it was wedged between the bulkhead!
Possibly the most recognised aircraft, and definitely the most advanced, especially for its time.


Concorde would be the best addition to Infinite Flight yet. Undoubtedly the most beautiful plane ever to take to the skies.
She’d be a fantastic plane to fly for quite a few reasons:

  • Now Global is out, we could fly across the Atlantic in less than 4 hours!
  • IF Team seem to like to add ‘actions’ to their latest aircraft. The droop nose would be ideal!
  • An interesting variety of liveries (Pepsi!)
  • A true sight to behold on any server!

Really hope the devs consider this as the next plane to be added after the CRJ! Would definitely give me even more reason to maintain my subscription to IF Live Pro!

So finally, lets be reminded of how beautiful she really is!


Pepsi livery couldn’t fast like the normal ones tho:)

Problem is FDS thinks the playerbase wants turboprops


I dont want it because I think it’s just part of the community it wants to have

My point exactly, the amount of people who want a turboprop is so small


Exactly that I can not understand why you still maybe want to switch to a Torboproper anyway …

No. I refuse the idea of a Concorde for everyone. If it was for the expert server only, then perhaps, but I can’t deal with everybody being in a Concorde all the time on playground. It’d make the game completely unrealistic.

My proposal- Expert Server only, with certain routes only. This needs to be regulated.


Tell this to all the A380 Pilots flying their big Airbus at Class Charlie Airports. It’s everywhere man.