Thats why we have the expert server😉
It will be a problem in the begining but just as every other uppdate it will calm down after a few days.

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Why do you guys want concord so much?
It’s already dead…
If it was me then I would want a bird that will or is flying right now and not a bird that once flew that consumed too much fuel!!!


… but the “dead” bird flies New York to London or Paris in 3 or 3,5 hours.
( Best time 2:52:59 from KJFK to EGLL)

BTW my Callsign is Speedbird One

747-200, MD11, and DC10, and others I know… These aircraft are also dead, and yet we still added them, it doesn’t matter if it’s dead or not, as long if it’s an airplane and a historic one too then we’re gonna want it, and I know for sure, soon enough the Concorde is gonna be added. Now if everyone would please stop posting nonsense. It’s really annoying I can see why the mods post these kinds of messages.


I think we need more General aviation first rather then adding Big Jets…for example the PC-12


Concorde would be a good addition. Whilst still an airliner, it’s completely different to anything else we have in game. I would still prefer to see something military after the CRJ, but if we get Concorde next, I wont be complaining.


742 md11 and the dc10 they are still no dead…
Do research before you post.

If you don’t have something kind to say, please don’t say it. Thank you.

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Roger, just wanted to make things clear.

Your the one that needs to do some research here.

While yes, all of these aircraft are still occasionally used for cargo airlines, they are not used by a single airline for commercial service.

While we are at it, the P38 and Spitfire are dead, let’s get rid of those too. And let’s close every single feature request for an Aircraft that isn’t used.

Having retro jets brings diversity and life to a simulator. If you don’t like it, don’t vote.


Let’s not turn this into the A350 thread…
We have 329 votes. This is the 5th most voted feature request. I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that the devs have noticed our interest in this aircraft.
And, no, they aren’t going to restrict the number of Concordes.


Don’t wanna see egll full with concord tho

Then don’t vote for the feature then


In all of Infinite Flight history, other than recently after an update or at an event, has there been a mass amount of one type of aircraft at an airport?
What’s to say that it’ll only happen to the Concorde?
Sometimes, people take Realism too far.


Don’t make baseless claims…


Yeah, you hating on the Concorde won’t do anything, I would recommend you stop posting on here, your looking like a petty child who looked like he didn’t get what he want…


I love the Concorde plane, however, I will not be voting for it. We need more GA aircraft IMO before the next batch of Airliners come out. Reworks, and Livery updates, I am fine with, but the New aircraft can wait.

As much as the rest of the community and myself disagree we understand your opinion on GA. However I understand we need rework aircraft and diversity. The Concorde is that diversity answer


To some extent, Concorde bridges the gap between fighters and airliners, in much the same way that aircraft like the Pilatus PC-21 bridge the gap between fighters and GA planes. If either of these aircraft are added in the near future, I’ll be a very happy bunny indeed.


Yes please. My schedule can be tight sometimes, so it would be nice to make trans-atlantic flights in just a few hours.