I don’t feel good seeing 10-20 concords in an airport. It would be highly unrealistic, unless they come up with a way to limit the number of concords in one airport, and to only have them allowed in a handful of big airports and not others (ghosting if spawned for over 1minutes or landed in other airports)


Their not gonna do anything special with the Concorde, it’s gonna be like any other aircraft in IF, anyone can fly it at their will. Just because you and others don’t like it, how it’s gonna be “unrealistic” if it’s added in the game, no matter how hard you try, their not gonna care, because adding a limit to players to fly the Concorde. Is unrealistic, wrong and unfair to the users experience. We didn’t spend all this time, all this money, on a game, for the devs to betrayed us, all for a little more realistic experience.


I don’t like their being 30 A380’s at LAX flying to KSFO, but this is Infinite Flight and that part of realising isn’t meant to be. We follow those aerodynamic laws and basic FAA laws, we’re allowed to fly to North Korea, we can fly A380’s between points on the US, because that’s the point of a simulator.

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Calm down! I meant good…

Can you show me a photo of 30 A380s? I bet there are none. But for concords they were very special and they were only in a limited number of airports, so I guess they better think about it in advance to not ruin the professional experience we have in the app.

No because I don’t fly on TS1 and KLAX for that reason, I’ve only been there once for a fuel emergency and it was bad enough with people being unrealistic

Well I gave my suggestion considering all the players, not only those who fly in Expert Server.

well thats just wrong the concorde had weak underwing protection for its fuel tanks

Idk why I think this, but I have a feeling people in casual and training are gonna abuse this aircraft for a fighter jet. And if this were to be added, they would have to adjust the speed limit somehow.

This has been talked about so many times, we know… Try to keeps comments at a minimum there’s noting really to talk about now.

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Just limit it to it’s max speed (I think it’s just over Mach 2) and then violation if they go over.

wat did u write…

I agree it would be ridiculous

Then don’t vote for it.


I actually think Concorde could be a success in IF. Let’s make it happen! It has my vote :D


Very Good Post !!!

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I think it would be great doing KJFK-EGLL in 3 hours!

If/when Concorde comes, I’d love if it could include a flight engineers view at their panel, if the cockpit does have high quality textures and instruments, maybe even a few that actually work. My Grandad was a flight engineer on the Concorde for BA so hopefully being able to show him this in the future would be amazing.


But then you must think of people going mach 2 at heathrow and end up flying into you.


It would be nice to see Concorde in Infinite Flight if it will be added to Infinite Flight. I would love to re-make Singapore-Bahrain-London service with Concorde if it exists 😉