However the community don’t want small and more military aircraft

If FDS follows what the community want, the Concorde will get added. It has 300 votes, a third place (second now technically) in the community poll, AND we also have global now, a requirement for the Concorde we didn’t use to have


Personally, i think it’s better to focus on some other IF future features like the introducing of the A350, aicrafts reworking or any other type of global scenarios improvements… I recommend to IF developers: do not introduce the Concorde, as this one could be probably used everytime by almost 60/75 % of all users (specially by the noobs/trolls on Training/Casual, like already happened with the supersonic military aircrafts implemented in the past)


Then your logic we should remove the A380 and F-22… They’re used by the fools on the training server, yet they aren’t removed. The Concorde will be like the MD-11, 95% of users will use it for the first week before it will drop down to maybe 20% of transatlantic flights. If you then go to LAX on the Training Server you may see two Concordes heading to KSFO.

If you wanna fly the A350, just imagined malformed winglets on a 787. Like FDS has said many times before, asking for the A350 delays it


True… as I’m grade 2 right now it’s very annoying trying to improve your skills and do realistic flights when there’s a horde of Air Force 1 and military supersonic planes doing weird thinkpgls like Tokyo drifting on the runways

I would highly recommend going to empty airports such as East Europe or Australia.

We’re just discussing about the introducing of some new features, not to the point “how to imagine an A350 looking to the B787 malformed winglets” or how to delay requests just writing them… You should probably be in love with the Concorde aircraft to be introduced in IF but i’m seeing things from another point of view. Anyway, It has been more than a month from the DC10 updates, seems like is been using a lot right now too…why? I’ve noticed lot of people in IF, seems like they’re always looking just to the newest, biggest or fastest machine available in the game. But i personally think it will be one-thousand way better to get inspired by more realism as possible and to fly just like in the real life (so that means to use a specific aircraft model/livery depending from the route, the origin and the destination properly chosen).

This has happened before on many threads especially this one and the a350. If you don’t want this aircraft, stop reply to this thread. All you’re doing is bumping this thread, and more and more people see it and it gets more votes.

Go vote and bump for what you want so it get more votes,and hopefully FDS will take notice and introduce to the next poll.

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And also trying to come on here and give us reasons why we shouldn’t have this isn’t going to make us remove our votes. Maybe a few. But for me, yes I know we will have the trolls, what game doesn’t? Those who vote for it know what could come if we add this, both good and bad.

When someone comes on and tries to tell us to remove our vote or say that we don’t need this is cause an arguement that keeps bumping this thread and causing it to get more votes. It’ll eventually spin out of control like the A350 page and it’ll have to be closed.

It goes back to the whole if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. At least not on here. If you want to debate on the subject do it in PM. The feature category isn’t for everyone to debate if something should be added or not, it’s to show FDS what we would like to see. When you bump these threads it makes it look like we want it more. As stated earlier, go bump the threads you want, to show FDS that you want that, and hopefully others tag along with that.

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This is so need!😀 I would like to fly fast and high!

Do you think they could add the dramatically increased fuel burn as well?

Yes, it’s just math and technical data, it already happens with all the aircraft already.

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Ok, if not I could see some Grade 1’s on the training server blasting across the US, full throttle w/ afterburners XD. This looks like a really cool addition to IF, if it’s added!

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Keep it calm. I’m not “bumping” anything, i was just answering to the Community various opinions. That’s all. They can add the concorde for sure, it makes no difference to me. I have only expressed my opinion, because it’s free to do, independently from the topic. Regards.


I am sure i read that it ised to be in IF???

Maybe i am wrong???

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No, the Concorde was never in IF, they did make it but Laura didn’t approved it because it was low quality. Basiclly looked bad.

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This would end up as an over speed machine for Grade 1’s.


You said that perfectly! I 100% agree!

Can we vote on if it would be an Grade 1 racing Car? Lol


i would only fly the Concorde on solo, since no airline operates it. but i can see how other people would love this, i hope it’s added!

No passenger airline uses the MD-11 too

I know, I mostly use the MD-11F on Fedex cargo routes :)