I’m pretty sure you’re wrong… there’s absolutely 0 evidence for you claim, it is pure speculation and you will get people’s hopes up.

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I know I’m in the minority that thinks that the 747 is ugly.


Yep. Completely in the minority.

Ironic how everyone thought that the Concorde was dangerous to fly after that incident.

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If we can’t fly in the Concorde in real life, we will just have to fly it in IF :-)



I agree, but please delete the photos you uploaded due to the one picture per features request rule:

Sorry about that!

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Thanks so much for pointing that out! I didn’t know they had a rule about it. I will be making changes to this post now :-)

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That rule doesn’t apply to comments, that apply to features, a category where people would post forums about what they want in Infinte Flight. He’s not requesting the Concorde to be added in IF, there is already a forum.if you haven’t noticed… it’s this forum. His post was a comment about flying the Concorde in IF, since we can’t fly it in real life…

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Only one picture is allowed in each features request. This goes for the whole topic, including comments (otherwise Philippe wouldn’t have specified “Preferably in the initial post” - where a photo of Concorde can already be found).

I think you’re confused here, the Infinite Flight Community ( is called a forum, and inside a forum are topics (like in the #features category). Also, I know that this is a features request as it has been placed in the features category. It doesn’t matter if he was talking about the Concorde in IF or IRL, only one picture is allowed in the whole features request topic (ie. this Concorde request).


The features category is a place where people would post topics to request what they want in IF, however this does not go for the comments section, if anything Initial means existing or occurring at the beginning. Preferably the topic that the person who created the post, of coarsely the person are not aloud to post more than one photo on the feature that they are requesting, there are no rules saying that more than one photo is not aloud on the comments section, if you look close enough there are definitely more than one photo in the comments section in other topics in the #features category, but not just that category but others as well. This is a civilized place for public discussion, such restrictions on us is well… To me at least, unacceptable. This one photo per feature topic rule is only enforce in the #features category. However in the comments section this rule has no enforcement, this also goes for other categorys as well…

How about you go look around the community and you’ll find exactly the same as I have written. Quite frankly I can’t be bothered to explain the rule to you again. Have a good day my friend 😉

More here if you’re still not convinced:
Sorry this had to turn into a little argument. Hopefully Concorde will be one of the next aircraft added in a few years time.


Back on topic please? Thanks.

I would love this so much have my vote

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Wow that’s a whole lot of information!! Interesting!

What about Qantas? They were going to buy some.

Yes they were, so were multiple other airlines:
I’m pretty sure they cancelled orders because of tougher supersonic restrictions, and after the Tu-144 crash.

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Dear DEVS pls give us the Concorde !!


Funnily enough apparently QF never cancelled their options. But they never got them either (obviously)


Yeeeessss Definitly, That would be cool It works perfect with global to.

Thats the reason we haven’t got it yet, because there hasn’t been a point for it before global.