Though the concorde fleet has been retired in 2003 , I always loved the beauty of it. The landing is more challenging than most of the aircrafts. Does anyone agree with me here?

I think it would be awesome in IF!

I have an aircraft request
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Nice request! But this idea was already requested?


Looks like it was closed and this is now the Concorde feature request topic.


The problem is the concord doesn’t have flaps


Why’s that a problem?


It’s a delta wing and doesn’t need flaps. High flare has the same effect.


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Taxiing would be pretty hard with the nose wheel being so far bwhind the cockpit ;)


I know I'm the minority here but in my opinion I think the concord is ugly.


I totally want this in IF! It’s a beautiful aircraft with a lot of power for some flying fun! I hope to see this in IF some point soon!


it would be awesome. and i agree with the taxi since the nose wheel is so far back. but over all would love this in IF


Yea imagine doing a low and fast flight in it


ALREADY REQUESTED. Yes, I love saying that.


Perfect with global flight!


Come on Devs add this bae now!!! We want concord,!!!


I remember the time when I was 17 and I had a mandatory school training within a company (probably doin copies…) It was next to CDG airport, and I remember seeing (and hearing!) the concorde taking off. So sad that this plane part on the CDG runway made this fabulous plane retired.
I also remember the joke in France (yes we love to joke about terrible things :))when it crashed (I try to translate it correctly) :
“The new AF travel offer : take-off at 10, in your hotel room at 10:10”
(For young people : concorde crashed on a hotel in Gonesse, city close to CDG, just after take off)


I agree it was a beatiful airplane


We just need it


Not a funny joke


Perhaps not for you.

I found it quite spicy myself. 🙂