Concorde vs Tu 144

  • Concorde
  • Tu 146

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This may help!

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Its a 144

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Yup! It’s TU-144 and it’s Concorde not Concrorde

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Western bias.

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No bias for me, I’m actually slightly eastern biased when it comes to the TU-144 vs. Concorde. However, I choose Concorde because of the structural issues with theTU. There’s also people who suggestthe TU is a copy of a flawed design for the Concorde.

In terms of which one I’d fly on: Concorde because it was safer.

In terms of epicness: Tu-144

Id love to have Comcorde in the sim. but only when global is out!!

Tu-144 of course!

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TU-144 flew first and it wasn’t as flawed as Concorde.

The have a Concordebin in Bristol on the old airfield in Filton next to Airbus and Rolls Royce it’s a shame that they shut down the original factories that made the Concorde, the one here was the last ever flight I believe in the British Airways livery, it’s just lying on a derelict airstrip partway from being torn apart and the plane isn’t going to be able to last much longer exposed although I hear they are now building a museum to house it with goverment money finally after more then 10 years

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Why do you say that?

2 TU’s suffered structural failure and only one Concorde ever crashed, due foreign debris.


The plane that wins for me is the plane that actually made it into sevice and not into the pro type stage as many planes are prototypes and never make it anywhere

Is this even a question? The TU-144 is garbage compared to the Concorde. It had a terrible crash and saw barely any service. Get it out of here. I mean, I could say the same for the Concorde, but it just saw service longer and its crash was at the end of the career.

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