Concorde United Airlines

With the Concorde confirmed, this would be a good aircraft. If you know a registration, or notice anything that should be changed, let me know!
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I like it, but was one every produced for United? I don’t think so, but not sure. :)


The more liverys, the better :)

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That’s my motto too! ;)

Real liveries plus IF livery would only get you 7.

When was the Concorde confirmed?

I prefer we not have an aircraft that never went into service.


We have a Transero A380…


Yes, on an old aircraft model. Doesn’t mean I’m not against that either.

It went in to service… lol genius

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I’m okay with an aircraft being in the game if it was made. Don’t like this because it didn’t exist.

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I agree that fake liveries shouldn’t be in-game, besides the IF livery and some corporate designs… Let’s stick with BA, Air France, etc on the Concorde…

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The Transero A380 never existed 😕

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Nah I don’t like this livery. Sorry personal opinion I know many would but I like the realistic or atleast attempt to make the game realistic

I think the picture looks great! I’m curious to see how the Concorde works out (or doesn’t).

I’m not a fan of this livery, but if the Concorde comes, I would devour the Pepsi livery

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I wouldn’t fly this… I don’t want this livery in the game… I would fly the Concorde tho!

Hello from United Virtual😀

I don’t think this will come as it never existed.

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