Concorde: Supersonic Violation Request

Since the Concorde is coming to IF at some point in the future, I would like to have a supersonic violation where if you go supersonic over land, you will get a violation if you do not slow down. In the past, the Concordes could only go supersonic over the ocean or the earth below would feel like an earthquake. This violation would help the Training Server so you do not have trolls flying supersonic at 100 feet above an airport. What does everybody think about this violation?

This seems nice but it would be hard to detect whether a plane is over land or water


Could the devs make the terrain sensitive to speeds?

Good thought, but bad idea. If that is implemented, for the most part you couldnt use it then.


That’s the realism of sound and speed with aviation


What about Siberia though? The Russian SST was able to travel supersonic over much of Russia.

I think it’s best to leave this one alone or it get’s a little complicated.


I know, but it would take away fun of the sim.
You always have to see it from the point, that there are 3 parts of a sim.

  • Fun
  • Realism
  • Complexity

I think for the most part, IF aims to the realism, then fun and then complexity. Otherwise we would see crazy hard checklists to work through and working cockpit stuff you know. I dont suggest this feature. But thats just my opinion. First of all we should get the Concorde itself.


Nice opinion! There are those concepts!

Most of Siberia is nothing

But still land. Coding to let you go supersonic over unpopulated land areas would be hard and not worth implimenting.

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I think that de devs should close this very old topic

Yeah, we aren’t getting the Concorde, so the Devs should close this. Ima flag it now.

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Please don’t be so sure we are getting the concorde. This request is useless…

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Keep in mind that this topic was created in March 2017.


Yeah, I know, but this still needs to be closed

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Exactly, which makes it even more non-sensical. How can people 2 years ago be so sure we would’ve gotten the Concorde?

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