Concorde style transatlantic flight?

Hi all,

I was thinking of doing transatlantic flights in stupid planes. But I calculated some things and I found out that the F16 has a range of around 4000km. Hold that in mind.
The distance between St John’s and Shannon is around 3000. Or even better, St John’s to London at around 3800. So, theoretically, eastbound from St John’s in an f16 is possible to pull off. I’m thinking of testing this, should I?


I think it is possible, but with luck. There are other factors to think about like winds, weight, your climbing speed/vertical speed too, and how much fuel you put, but nonetheless good luck on your flight.

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I’m doing this without Armament fyi. I’ll find a day and time at some point in the weekends or maybe late evening on weekdays for the winds to be quick and mean to push me all the way. I’ll try going to London, by the time I reach Ireland, I’ll see if I need to divert to Shannon


Bad news, Game just crashed while switching cameras, I’ll try tomorrow.

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You should try

Im down to try this some day. Sounds fun

Seems like a nice group flight I could host.

What kind of coffin would you like?

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The image won’t come up. It is blocked for some reason.

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