Concorde Pepsi livery

Hey all
Concorde Pepsi livery would be amazing for the next update

  • Yes this livery is a must
  • 50/50
  • No, this livery is bad

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We already have Pepsi advertisements in the 737 cockpits. There’s no need for more Pepsi advertisement, because otherwise the developers may as well have them sponsor IF lol.


On 737, Dash 8, 717, A320 family and… Cockpits. Impossible they can’t manage the pepsi conc.

I’ll love to see that livery but… the Concord isn’t a option on IF. Wouldn’t it be better to request it once it had been at least confirmed? 😃

I kinda mensioned @Szta_Jonathan

Where exactly?

To the left.


I talk about how this livery is unic with close all day, so this has to be a must have its so popular

They have them in every cockpit, and they are already sponsored by pepsi.

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Oh cool, Matt Laban’s already one step ahead.

Guys, found out this was mentioned by someone about a month ago.

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We need more Pepsi cans in the cockpit of the CONC! xD

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Not like this hopefully:

No… Tons of Pepsi cans… Not the word Pepsi ._.

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Translte all the Pepsi words to pepsi cans. Can not put two images on each other in Aviary photo editor.

Wonder why we don’t have this beauty if is sponsored by Pepsi we neeeed this

If Laura and Philippe can get sponsorship from advertisers like Pepsi, I think they should go for it. As long as there are several livery options to choose from 😊
If IF gets a Concorde I hope we see the BA landor and the pre 2009 Eurowhite scheme in addition to whatever else

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I feel like you don’t understand. There is only meant to be one thread for each request. So you should have got this closed before starting your thread, and definitely don’t go bumping this thread after you started your own thread