Concorde isn't confirmed.... Yes it is

If you go listen to the flight cast episode you hear they have the base model but it is being reworked before they will release it… this is confirmation that we will get it at some point.

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The tracking thread should be open right now

Some point. Those two words could mean tomorrow or in 2025.

Still means we can have a tracking thread for it

Slow down a bit

We have a tracking thread for global and for all we know it could be released in 5 years

I want the concorde probably more than anybody else but we dont have further hints than a prototype exists

Global is being worked on as you can see in all the IF or Laura’s social media pages. Nothing has been shared about the Concorde except the basic model which hasn’t been touched on.

And that it is being reworked

When was this said?

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I’m just going to throw this out there. I just listened to the podcast on my drive to work and I heard Laura say that someone had the renderings of the Concorde but they had a lot of work to do if it was going to be an option. It was also said in the podcast that they’re only focusing on releasing global right now, nothing else.


Flight cast episode

Exact time? I would like to know when Laura said that they would release it after rework.

I’ll take a look

So would I, I’m going to listen again to double check my source. I never heard them say that it was going to be released. Her comment was that the Concorde would only make sense AFTER global has been released. Mark made the comment right after that about taking off from KSAN in the Concorde and going straight into landing at KLAX, it was quite humorous.


Exactly. To my knowledge, she never never mentioned that the Concorde was being put into the sim, therefore, not confirmed.


That is funny

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Bottom line, there has not been an official statement from someone of an appropriate position stating anything about the Concorde. We’re missing a very vital first step.

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On the facebook flight cast -45:32 start at -46 for the full conversation

I’m sure Laura said they weren’t happy with the texture quality and would need a rework and not it is being reworked