Concorde could fly again?! And could other supersonic jets actually be made to fly? [Please close]

Hello IFC members! Perhaps a topic that has been discussed and questioned for a while: why can’t Concorde fly again… Well, maybe one day it will. The U.S has ban supersonic flight for four decades now. However, this could come to a end. According to the people who are for this supersonic air travel harms the environment less. As you might of heard concorde from taxiing from gate to runway could burn as much fuel as 6 cars in 1 week would burn. My opinion on this is that Boeing is making / designing their own supersonic 1 maned pilot aircraft as we speak so they want the ban gone for good. (you don’t have to agree to this)

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I highly doubt boeing us working in a single pilot supersonic aircraft. But I do think that at some point soon we will see supersonic travel again, with the ban being targeted and Boom Supersonic showing a serious intent to do it…


Concorde will never fly again. It’s too old and there is no engineering support for it.

What you are talking about is ‘new’ supersonic transcontinental flight which is a totally different topic.

The original Concorde ban in the US had nothing to do with the environment or noise, it had everything to do with politics and the fact that the demands of the programme, as instigated by the administration at the time (faster, higher, bigger), could not deliver the capabilities above and beyond the Concorde product within a reasonable budget.

New supersonic transportation would take the craft into the reaches of space where the lack of ‘density’ of air and vastly improved aerodynamics and split delta wings mssively negates the problems of supersonic shock and noise. The problem becomes that of economics not environment. Can the manufacturers build an airframe that meets the sweet spot of operator profit against financial desirability?

For a very small percentage of the population, perhaps. For the majority? We will still scan the web for the cheapest irrespective of the time it take to fly.

Personal jets are transiting the Atlantic daily up at 56-60,000ft. They will get faster. The mass transport jets will remain, stubbornly sub-sonic but cheap.

Welcome to the future.


Yes I agree, the reason they had to retire them was mainly due to Airbus pulling all maintance support.

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Boeing has dreamed of many things. Many of which have, without doubt, enriched and widened our lives.

Of supersonic, passenger flight however they have always lagged behind. Dreams are great but it takes entrepreneurial dreams, vision and investment to put them into reality. Sadly Boeing, in their public transport division, don’t have that vision or, more importantly, budget.

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A major issue of the concorde was the super sonic boom could destroy glass on the ground nearby, so it was banned for transcontinental flights in the US. However, I recently read that both Boeing and NASA have been researching ways to reduce the strength of the boom.

If the research proves successful, then I could see a more modern supersonic airliner being flown. However, the Concorde itself will most likely never fly again.

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It’s hard enough to start it up and run the aircraft on it’s own power so there are no chances of it flying without investing millions in replacing parts.


I was thinking one day, if a Concorde was moving to a different museum, mechanics might fix it so it can make the trip, similar to how a few years ago United restored one of their old 727s for the same purpose.


Yeah I believe in Manchester it was they started it up as I said above and that was hard in itself and it hasn’t been done since. For that reason I doubt it will be possible but I would personally love to see it out flying again even if it was only once more.


I don’t think we will ever see her fly again, I do think we will see super sonic transport again


They would probably disassemble it and put it on a truck. While it would be nice to see it fly to another museum, the former would happen for reason of cost and sensibility.


JAL has some of these supersonic aircraft on order.

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I just want to say Concorde will never fly again. What you mean is commercial SSTs could fly again. It’s like saying the 787 could fly again if all aircraft that flew were SSTs but Airbus was making this aircraft. Concorde was just a aircraft not a group of them

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All we can do is hope.

Here is the video I was thinking about. It is really incredible they were able to put the 727 back together:


Everyone look at this:

It may be stunning to see a small possibility to see a supersonic jet renter service but I highly doubt it would happen any time soon as super sonic commercial jets are expensive to operate and the sonic boom is a problem for places on the ground if not managed right.
It would take a Very Long Time to develop

But hey that’s just my opinion but who knows?

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I agree, but isn’t just a little bit of a possibility to see the Concorde reengineered and redesigned for modern standards?

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Concorde was designed by a bunch of scientists and engineers armed with slide rules! It’s an amazing engineering feat accomplished well ahead of its time.

Concorde was also as much a victim of cold war politics as the TSR2 programme.

As great as the aircraft was it’s now too old to ever fly again and Airbus, as an engineering authority, want nothing more to do with it. Parts are not available and, in all honesty, many parts probably couldn’t be manufactured any more. All the airframes are suffering from corrosion and stress fracturing. If it needs to be moved it will be moved in pieces on the back of a truck!

The 727 still has some commercial flying aircraft around the world and Boeing were more than willing to act as engineering authority for the reconstruction.

Will we see supersonic or even hypersonic passenger aircraft in the future? Yes, I do believe we will and that has come to pass with the announcement of smaller supersonic aircraft being brought to the market.

Will we see large scale passenger supersonic transport again? Personally I don’t believe we will. The costs are too high for the companies to invest in and the passenger loads, of those passengers willing to pay the premium prices needed to operate the aircraft, would be too low. Most passengers want cheaper tickets and more regular flight schedules than shaving off a couple of hours flight time. Hypersonic travel, as promised many years ago by HOTOL would, possibly, be something if you could cut travel from the northern hemisphere to the southern to something around 5 hours but, again, it’s a very niche market!

Supersonic transportation will, in my opinion, for the foreseeable future anyway be the playground of the rich and famous and the military. :)


Hey guys I’m still interested in your opinions.😊

Yeah that’s true. Boeing sometimes do have high hopes.