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I have recently delved into the world of Concorde! I’ve been learning a lot about the aircraft and spending a bit of money purchasing memorabilia etc. All of this got me thinking, what would your opinion be of a British Airways and/or Air France suite/first class experience (similar to Etihad’s ‘The Reaidence’) but called ‘Concorde Class’. I would love to hear your opinions :)

You’re talking about renaming the First Class or you’re talking about the introduction of a whole new Class?

Anyway, as much as I like the Concorde I wouldn’t call it Concorde Class. That plane was way to unique. Putting it’s name on a travel class, as much luxurious as it might be, it’ll probably never be the same experience as flying on Concorde was.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Concorde, you DEFINITELY should visit the Museum in Sinsheim, Germany. It’s the only place in the world where you can visit a Concorde and it’s Sovjet sister, the TU-144. It’s amazing. You can even go and visit the inside of both planes.

It’s not my picture. I visited the place a couple of times though. It’s worth it if you can get the chance. Picture Source: Here

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Yes I know it will never match the same standards and just over amazingness (not a word) of Concorde. But I feel it would be a really nice tribute :)

Doesn’t Concorde class cost like $15,000 a ticket? Or an expensive price?

There is no such thing as Concorde Class. There is a lounge called the “Concorde Room” at JFK and LHR.


There is more than that. There are now smaller Concorde Bar and Dining areas in SIN and DXB and IAD. LHR T5 and JFK T7 are the only two separate and compete Concorde Rooms though as you noted. There is also quite a lot of use of the Concorde silhouettes in menu covering, screens, and upholstery patterns in the CCR.

Also the Special Services teams are in the process of being renamed The Concorde Team.

BA have never had a Concorde class on planes since the demise of the plane, but they certainly do make some use of the brand.

EDIT: just to add to be eligible to use the CCR you have to be flying in BA First, or have a Concorde Room Card.

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