[Concluded] IFAE Invitational Flash Event | National Aviation Day Flight @ KHSE - 192100ZAUG18


We haven’t done a flight with the community in so long! I would say it’s about time we do something.

As many should know, August 19 is National Aviation Day. A day that celebrates the developments of aviation. Many festivities are held on this day, such as Chicago’s Air and Water Show, Atlantic City Airshow and many others. This is also the birthday of Orville Wright, one of aviation’s founding fathers. To commemorate this, hop in your General Aviation aircraft and fly with us along the North Carolina Coastline to the site of where it all began.



Server: Expert

Departing Airport: KHSE - Billy Mitchell
Departure Time: 2100Z
Sunday, August 19, 2018 9:00 PM

Arriving Airport: KFFA - First Flight Airport
Arrival Time (Estimated): 2200Z
Sunday, August 19, 2018 10:00 PM

Estimated Flight Time: 1hr 0min





Airframe - C172
Livery - Generic


Distance: 53NM

Altitude: 2500ft MSL
Speed: 90KTS

Flight Plan


Spacing - 3-5NM




Spawning will occur 10 Minutes before departure.

Starting Airport has no numbered gates in the ramp areas. Upon spawning, make space for your fellow airmen.

Maintain spacing throughout this flight to create a safe and professional environment.

Back Taxi May be required at starting airport.

Most importantly, take screenshots and enjoy the flight!



Let us know you’re coming by replying below!

Gate Pilot
Main Ramp @Nate_Schneller [IFAE]
Main Ramp @BoeingA320
Main Ramp @Guitje2001
Main Ramp @Dean.Gibson [IFAE]
Main Ramp @Trio [IFAE]

More will be added if needed!

About the IFAE Team

Here at IFAE, we are a team and a family that is dedicated solely for flying at the height of professionalism and to set standards. With over 100 pilots and counting, IFAE continues to fly in abundance in the Infinite Skies. If you feel that you are ready to join the team, Our recruiters are always open to evaluate, test and accept pilots with the quality and skill that makes IFAE a respected and well-known group in the community today.

Visit our site at ops-IFAE.com

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I’ll come, sounds fun!

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I’ll come too! Can’t wait :D

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@BoeingA320 @Guitje2001 added! 👍🏻

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Awesome!!! Thank you.

Spawn Time is 1 Hour Away! There is still time to sign up!

Departure Time in 30 Minutes!

I’ll take a gate Nate. :)

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It is Now Spawn Time at KHSE!

We Are Departing Now! Come in while there is still time.

Catch the Flight when we land at First Flight! We are now Airborne.

Thank You for Flying With Us!

I am open for feedback in the DMs on how to improve our invitational events (well, it is my first ever event post 👍🏻😉). I hope to see bigger events with the community in the future.

Smooth Skies!

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It was a nice flight

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Crap! Forgot about the event!


There will be more in the future. And bigger ones too! 👍🏻😁

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