[Concluded] Huge Phoenix Flyout @ KPHX - 022000ZFEB19

A Large KPHX Flyout!

Server: Training

Airport: KPHX

Time: 2000Z


NOTAM: this event will be a Phoenix Flyout event! Thank you for taking a look at it! To sign up, say what route and gate you would like, and please set this topic to “watching” so you see updates from me.

I know some gates are missing numbers, but that’s how it’s modeled in IF.

Gates 1-11

Gate 1 Air Canada A321 to CYVR

Gate 2 Air Canada A319 to CYYC

Gate 3 Alaska Air 737-900 to KSEA

Gate 5 Alaska 737-800 to KSFO @OtoeTiger88

Gate 6A AA 737-800 to KJFK @Shadow87645

Gate 6B AA A319 to KLAX @Eriel_Gonzalez Gate 7 AA A321 to KJFK @Janko38

Gate 8 Delta 737-800 to KATL @Lufthansa454

Gate 10 AA CRJ200 to KFLG @zand3r

Gate 11 AA A320 to KIAH

Gates 15-26

Gate 15 AA CRJ700 to KABQ @esant_15

Gate 16 AA 737-800 to KSJC

Gate 17 AA A320 to KAUS

Gate 18 AA A320 to KDFW @Sashaz55

Gate 19 AA 737-800 to KTPA

Gate 20 AA A319 to KGRR

Gate 21 AA A319 to KSAN

Gate 22 AA 757-200 to PHNL

Gate 23 AA 737-800 to KPIT

Gate 24 AA A320 to KIND

Gate 25 AA A321 to KDCA @TheRobloxMaster121

Gate 26 AA 787-8 to EGLL @Alex_Maina

A Gates

Gate A1 AA A320 to MMMX @Jack_H
Gate A2 AA A319 to KSTL
Gate A3 British Airways 747-400 to EGLL
Gate A4 Hawaiian 767 to PHNL @Andres_Rodriguez1
Gate A5 JetBlue A321 to KBOS
Gate A6 Fronteir A320 to KDEN @bdreslin02
Gate A7 Fronteir A320 to KORD
Gate A8 United 737-900 to KEWR
Gate A9 Spirit A321 to KDEN @DatDude007
Gate A10 Delta 737-800 to KMSP
Gate A11 Delta A321 to KDTW
Gate A12 Southwest 737-800 to KBUF @HadenJohnson
Gate A13 Southwest 737-700 to KDEN @Luke_Sta
Gate A14 Southwest 737-700 to KLAS @Dinero_Gray
Gate A15 Southwest 737-700 to KSJC @Callum_King1
Gate A17 Southwest 737-700 to KPDX @IanZ
Gate A18 Southwest 737-700 to KPHL @anon42527263
Gate A19 Southwest 737-700 to KSFO @Alexandre
Gate A20 Southwest 737-800 to KRDU
Gate A21 Southwest 737-700 to KGEG
Gate A22 United CRJ200 to KLAX @Infinite_Flite1
Gate A23 Sun Country (generic) 737-800 to KMSP
Gate A24 AA 737-800 to KORD: @Janko38
Gate A25 AA A320 to KSAN @TCHeincy
Gate A26 Delta CRJ900 to KSEA
Gate A27 Alaska 737-900 to PANC
Gate A29 AA A321 to KCLT @AviaAuthentic
Gate A30 AA A320 to KMCO

Air Traffic Control

KPHX Ground: @Andres_Arias
KPHX Tower: @anon82246052
KPHX Departure:

Thank you for looking at my event! Gates can be added if these ones fill up.


I’ll take tower and ground

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Thank you for being ATC!


I will take gate 8 on delta to Atlanta 738

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I’ll participate for sure with Southwest3818 to KSFO |

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Thanks for coming!

@Alexandre thanks for coming!


If you would change any Southwest gate to a 737-700 to DEN I would come


Sure, I’ll do that!


I’ll take Gate 19 to TPA please! Thanks

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Sure!!! Thank you for coming!


I’ll take gate 7, I’ll be an American Airlines A321


What gates are open, if there any. I’ll fly as a United Boeing 777-200ER to KJFK

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Look at the routes and choose one.

I won’t honor the 772 route as it is not realistic

@Janko38 thanks for Coming!


Put me down for Terminal 4, Gate A25. Will be flying American to San Diego


Can I get gate a14 to KLAS


Can i have any gate please what time does it start im rather new so im a little confused!

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The clock in the time area in the thread states the time in your time zone

@Dinero_Gray @TCHeincy I’ll sign you up!


i can do the southwest 737-700 to portland

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Sure!! Thanks for coming!

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Fly the queen to London!