[Concluded] Can You Land The Shortest Commerial Runway in the World? @TNCM - TNCS - 221600ZJUL19

No mods are on the event, and the training server is using Princes Juliana. I don’t like to use casual in case of trolling.

Yes starts in an hour and 5 minutes

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I understand. Thank you!

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ONE HOUR TILL START GUYS! Please show up a little early and check NOTAM updates

Do I have permission to record this? And I’ll be joining the other one late

Yes absolutely! However if you are planning to post the video on the forum or anywhere else, you are required to turn of all other aircraft’s nametags for privacy reasons.

The requirements are above.

Sounds like a lot of fun! I will be there. Thanks for putting this all together!

No, thank you for attending!

Spawn now?

Go right ahead I’m going on now

I just took off.

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Aaand, the app disconnected.

Shoot I’m sorry

Thanks to everyone who showed up! I believe only one person was unable to land the runway. Great Job!

Rip. Missed it because of the TNCM landing competition.

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I was able to land the TBM no problem. It was really fun. I was on the Expert Server and didn’t see anyone. I am going to try to take off now.

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There was an anoying XCUB.

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TNCS may be considered the shortest paved commercial runway in the world but there are shorter ones that a GA or mil aircraft can land on with sufficient practice !

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yeah we all took off at 11 I think some people were late

Yeah I saw. Next time I’ll get a mod