[Concluded] Can You Land The Shortest Commerial Runway in the World? @TNCM - TNCS - 221600ZJUL19

Server: Expert

Airport: TNCM - TNCS

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is home to the shortest runway in the world, at only 400 meters. Can you land it? We will depart Princess Juliana International (TNCM) at 1600Z, and fly the quick 15 minutes to Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (TNCS), in which you will attempt to land the shortest runway in the world. Nothing more than single engine prop planes will be allowed at the airport. Departures are allowed at TNCS, if they wish to take off from the world’s shortest runway, and return to TNCM.


Allowed Aircraft:

  • Cessna 172

  • Cessna 208 Caravan

  • Cirrus SR22

  • CubCrafters XCub

  • Daher TBM-903

There is no max number of attendees, however, TNCS is a Unicom operated airport. Please be kind. We request a moderator will be able to watch the airport. We also need an Expert ATC to work Princess Juliana while we depart. We also request that the IFATC remain working the airport until an hour after the event starts, incase anybody is late, or anyone would like to return to Princess Juliana, and take off of the worlds shortest runway.

Additional info about the airport can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juancho_E._Yrausquin_Airport

Please let me know if you will attend, or would like to work ATC at TNCM, or Moderate at TNCS

Also, if enough people request the date pushed back to a weekend, I’d consider making the change.

Update 7/21 : Due to short notice, ATC services will not be provided at Princess Juliana International (TNCM). We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 7/22 : If flying in a Daher TBM, please attempt to limit speed to stay with other types of aircraft, so we will all reach the airport around the same time. If you choose to return to Princes Juliana, you are free to fly at whatever speed you like.

My final question is… Can you land the shortest runway in the world???


Sign me up.

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I’ll do it in The Caravan

I got you you’re good

Correction: it’s not Dasher TBM it’s Daher.

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A380 time.

Joking… or am I?

I feel like there is going to be an overflow in that small

You need permission from Tyler so that IFATC is allowed to operate on your event, unless of course the ATC schedule mentions your event airport.

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Can I join ?

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Wow I Hope! I Can’t Wait To Watch This! I’ll Go In A TBM-903


I’ll try to join! I just had a couple of fully successful landings in a tbm there… maybe ikl try a little more.

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I bet I could find a shorter one. 64CL (or CL64 idk what it it) is only 1000feet long but its 900feet wide

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There’s enough space for a solid 10 ish planes. Some will leave the server right away. Others might` depart again.

Yes sir! You’re in!

Thanks for the notice I’ll dm him

Ha autocorrect I’ll fix that

Hey I could barely do it with the TBM so I mean…

Haha, we’ll see :)

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Count me in!

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Thanks! You’re in!