[Concluded] British Airways VA | New Year's Royal Invasion @ KJFK - 101900ZJAN17

Is it too late to sign up

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Of course not @Ethan11 , @Nichalas_Petranek will assign you a gate soon :)

@Ethan11 gate Ang D3 please with callsign Speedbird 33.

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Can I get a gate please?

@TheBigBadBag gate Ang D4 please and callsign Speedbird 34

I will come!

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Add me and give me gate

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@Dossym_Makhanov gate Ang D5 please and callsign Speedbird 35.

Can you add me please? Speed bird 04?

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@KoolKidRayJ Gate 1 please. Also be aware you are in a different portion of the airport than the rest of the group as the military gates filled up. Unfortunately you will be unable to use Speedbird 04 as your callsign because we already have that callsign internally in use, and in attendance to the event. Please use Speedbird 36 as your callsign

Ok, great, thx!

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