Concise Topic Titles

This has been discussed several times previously on this forum, but it seems to have emerged again.

With the huge increase in new users and issues after the release of ‘Global’, the support category has been inundated with many topics outlining troubles people have experienced.

Firstly, most of these are duplicates and have been discussed before, but that’s not the main focus today. Just in the past day, here are some of the topic titles that have been on the community.

I am not trying to shame anyone, I’m just trying to make it easier for community members to solve the problems stated.

Whilst these topic titles are understandable, considering the frustration that some users are experiencing with global, they aren’t that helpful. Please try to refrain from using these vague topic titles as they don’t explain your problem.
Also, if other community members have the same problem as you, they won’t find it if they use the search category, but if your topic describes your problem, then it should come up in the search bar to help other users too!

An example of a ‘good’ topic title would be something along the lines of:
‘Crash when changing view to tower’
‘Lag when moving around cockpit’.

What we want titles to be are concise, clear and coherent.

If you want more information on the ideal support topic, check out these links:

Thanks for reading this topic - it should hopefully make it easier for community members to understand problems that might arise and try to solve your problems quicker!


How free should we feel as Regulars to simply change the topic titles ourselves, e.g. from “I need a little help” to “Crashes on iPad Air 2 with quality set to high”?


I think that’s part of the duty as regulars to do just that. Although I’ve lost mine now :(, I used to do that quite often and whilst a moderator would probably address your question better, I think it’s fine to do and benefits the community.


I believe regulars should feel completely fine editing titles as long as it’s going to help people find topics easier and help people with their issues.

Nice topic @SWNelson, this is a much needed reminder.


Just to verify what @SWNelson said;
Yes, you’re entitled to change the title to a more fitting one if it describes the topic poorly. You have the ability to change it for a reason, and making it better will only benefit the poster.


Thanks that helps! Over the past few days I have seen many poorly written titles and un-informative topics, and as a newly appointed regular, I didn’t know how I should resolve it…

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