Concern regarding gift card

Hello I have a question more like a concern!

I have recently purchased a ITunes card and I wanted to know if I’m able to purchase Pro subscription with the card or not.

I have did a little research and it was saying you can but when I tried its not asking for the code to the card.

Can you please help me thanks it would mean so much.

You buy the IF subscription with your iTunes account. Therefore it’s no problem. You just have to put the gift card money in your iTunes account.

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To buy Pro you need to get those money from your gift card into your iTunes Account to then purchase Pro

I saw you changed your text to mine @Marc ;)

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Didn’t even saw yours before now. Just pressed reply to early before I could add the last sentence. But we’re both right anyway. 😊


Thanks for telling me that means a lot.

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If you are stuck apple have great explanation on their website and at the back of the gift card :)

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