Concept and Test planes (Mostly Propfans/Turbofan airliners)

Today Ive seen videos and photos of popular planes having unknown Variants that never made it for didn’t make it to service due to issues or too expensive (I heard the model was like too heavy)


Number one will be the twin engined DC-10, It was developed to compete with the A300 and 767 in the 80s, and made it shortened. but never made it to service or some reason either its like heavy or either else I don’t know I haven’t seen the reason why


7J7 (or prop 727) This new modified Boeing 727 has highly fuel efficient props and technology to fly much better than the old 60s 727 but like delayed or just cancelled due to like noises like for example since its very loud and meant to sound like a stuka siren from WW2 with its prop engine’s And another It was very loud and the shock waves beat the heck out of the fuselage a few inches away and it was also expensive


MD-94X Is also gonna be fitted with these new prop engines like 7J7 has but this one wasn’t built, unlike the 7J7 it actually had a test flight but just put it around storage. The closest to the MD-94X was when there was a Unducted fan MD-81 test which flown

Anyway It was gonna compete like the other medium short haul airliner like the A320 and 737 and 7J7 also
It was cancelled since Airline interest in the brand-new propfan technology was weak despite claims of up to a 60% reduction in fuel use, and both aircraft were canceled.

TU-334 is a russian regional aircraft to replaced the outdated TU-334 and Yaks, this aircraft back in the late 80s was also gonna have the prop fans like the 7J7 and MD-94 but atleast change to jet engines later on, and It was flown in 2007 and air shows to show the aircrafts about. around 2009 they forgotten about the TU-334 and now focuses on the new sukhoi superjet and Irkut MC-21 which will be full service soon


Last one today is the Yak 46 was a developed Yak 42 which was gonna equiped with these prop fans and its pretty short that it was never built in 1990s since we know that it only had little orders and it wasn’t the interesting

That’s all for today I hope you like it and might make more later one, Have a nice day


If I recall correctly, those weird prop engines were reengineered into what we today call turbofans, so it kinda made it into the current airplanes

Trijet 747, 747ASB, 747 AAC and many other 747s too

There a video about the 747 AAC

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ngl that would’ve been cool to see

The thing is, if Douglas had put the twin DC-10 into production, they might’ve not gone under.

Thanks for making this topic, learned a lot!

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Well basically “Propfan” is related to both turbofan and turboprop so its like combined together to make such engine

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