Computer “pilots”

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What I mean by computer pilots is like a computer player in some games, where a plane would be controlled by a computer programme. The computers would spawn in by choice in solo mode, but in online mode, they would spawn in to fill up large airports that are very empty- with only one or two actual “players”.
I don’t know what you guys would think of this- let me know!

Sounds great! IF is after all very lonely.


I think this idea is that they would be AI, and move around, not just decorational…


Don’t really like the idea. Reasons here:

  1. It would take the system requirements to another level.
  2. They could block runways.
  3. There is no need for it (imo)

IF is not „lonely“. Of course, global means more space for the same amount of players, but there are always busy airports on training (KLAX, KJFK, EGLL) or expert (ATC schedule).


I like this idea alot, and it would be nice to not always be alone at the less popular airports

However re-naming this post to “AI Traffic” would be more accurate.


This would defeat the entire purpose of Infinite Flight Live (see below).

Something of this scale is very resource demanding for a mobile device, maybe even a computer too especially if it’s not equipped with one of the best graphic cards.

You also have to think about server capacity. We’re talking regular live pilots and these added AI aircraft. That means server capacity would have to be increased on the casual, training, and expert servers to give everyone the same experience – all of which are very expensive to do and maintain. Additionally, a lot of coding and programming would need to be done for each aircraft and their respective features.

The concept of AI in Infinite Flight is taking a step backwards. We have live for a reason. The pilots we have are (shockingly) much smarter than AI pilots would be.

Some big airports are definitely empty unless ATC is active there, I understand. It’s honestly impossible to make all big airports busy like they are in real life. The reasoning behind this would take a while to explain. For one, we don’t have 100+ people to fill the 100+ major airports around the world. The server capacity nor the Live user base just isn’t there.

Not trying to shut your idea down at all though, just giving my honest opinion on it. :)


The pilots we have are (shockingly) much smarter than AI pilots would be.

Hahahahaha, wouldn’t be too sure about that.


Ya I wouldn’t be 100% sure on that one, lol.

I like the idea I could see this in the near future

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Philippe said it himself so. ¯_(ツ)_/¯