Compliance to altitude for Flying East and West

There are lots of comments from the community about pilots flying at the wrong altitudes east west and west to east. My suggestion is that when dialling in a altitude in auto pilot the altitude button rejects the height if it doesnt match the heading you are flying. It would display a message similar to the message we get when using fuel dump and it provides you advice saying “ you cannot dump fuel because you are below your maximum landing weight” . If you dialled in 30000 feet in AP and you were travelling EAST at 120 you get a pop warning saying “ incorrect altitude setting for this heading” The AP would only accept altitudes based on your heading.
This would only activate when at or above 18000 to allow ATC to vector departures, arrivals and approaches as required.

Just a thought 👍🏻 Happy flying!

If it does not tho, but nice thought. Appreciated!!

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Fixed thanks!

There are many scenarios where this suggestion would not be applicable. For example, a STAR may send you East, descending to an Even altitude. Additionally, in Non-RVSM airspace that you can find over some parts of the Atlantic, you can fly West at FL350.

Other situations like holding patterns or tanker tracks would be a problem with this suggestion.

Sorry but this is a bad suggestion.

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Additionally in several parts of the world such as France and Spain, the airways are oriented North/South instead of East/West so you could be cruising at F380 when heading east. Furthermore, this doesn’t take into account airspaces that use metres such as China.

Not quite feasible. Education is the way to go for this!