Completely disappeared from an event

I was on The 911 midnight event and after I switched from chrome to IF I noticed that no other pilots where on the map, I checked my connection on Infinite Flight and it said that I was active, so I went back again to the community to report this but when I went back to the event I got completely offline.
I have a pretty good internet right now.

This happened to a few other pilots at the event too

Once this happened to me while I was flying with friends at Denver. They said I completely disappeared. I also couldn’t use ATC even though my connection was green. Everyone else disappeared for me.
Device: iPad Air 2
iOS: 10.0 Beta 3
IF Version: 787 Hotfix

Same thing I could see that atc was active but I couldn’t contact them

iPad Air 2.
iOS 9.3
787 update

Green =/= good connection. It may change too late.

I know , green doesn’t mean connected.

I know but it most likely isn’t internet by the servers.

Then it’s a IF issue that’s why it’s on #support

Who said it isn’t?

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I dropped out too and my WiFi symbol in-game went orange and I lost ATC and all other aircraft. This only happened however, when I jumped from game-to Safari-to game in about 5 seconds. Everything went back to normal when I turned on airplane mode for 2 seconds and turned it back off again.
Aircraft and ATC returned and wifi symbol went green

This usually happens to me on expert server usually when its busy.

Oops didnt mean to reply to you.

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How much Ping?

13 ping…

Not Much, idk what is Happening

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This is a pretty common issue, you sometimes lose connection after switching back and forth to IF.

I haven’t been switching back and forth from infinite flight much but I still have this issues. All the planes dissappear and the atc doesn’t work, I am connected but at times I only see a few planes and those few planes I see along with me don’t register in Infinite tracker.

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