Completely Absurd ATC

Hi. I would like to contact a IFATC user but i cannot find his/bar account The username is IPP-GAF-Captain-Jan. Can anyone help?
Edit: The ATC has begun arguing with my friend and I about how we were in the wrong and he is a perfect controller. I showed him videos of another plane being less than 1000 feet away from our formation flight. He seems extremely angry and is threatening to ban us from infinite flight forever because we are politely asking for the ghost to be reversed. He has already sent a DM to someone that works at Infinite flight to band with of us, when we did nothing wrong. I am not sure if I will share the conversation but I politely asked him to reverse it and I received a response with someone lashing out at me while the language barrier effects our conversation. This goes to prove how the Infinite flight community can sometimes be so rude and the wrong people need to be alienated from this forum.
@Davin_Amy @Jan_Sd

try here?

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@Jan_Sd is your lad

Please PM him


@Jan_Sd is who you’re looking for. Contact him in a PM

i doubt you want to hear this but i’m so mad. Approach told us to land 26L and then we switched to tower and said inbound on visual runway 26L. i asked runway change to 26R they said unable also i continued to land on 26L. then I got a report for wrong runway landing. HOW!!?

Please PM the controller who has been mentioned multiple times

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He said he landed on 26L, like he was supposed to


I know i’m not supposed to post the ghosts but i am so upset. i requested to change to 26r and they said unable. After that i proceeded on the original cleared runway (26L) and then i got ghosted. I was in a flight of two and the other didn’t get ghosted either. I’m confused

you are correct

I already did. He did not respond

Patience is a virtue, my friend. A response will come soon.


Jan lives in Europe. So for now, I would just sleep on this and when he wakes up… He can explain it for you


Hahahaha. I am on edge because if this doesn’t get reversed i am screwed. I wont be able to get grade 5 again. Which i was before this.

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Ah, I understand. If the ghosting was incorrect, I’m sure it can be resolved. Sorry to hear about your issue. I’m sure a response will come in due time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Controller’s username has been provided. Please continue in the Private Message that you create. Thanks!