[Completed] XCub STOL Landing Competition Event @ KOSH - 311600ZJUL19 | Powered By IFGAC & IFCAS


Community XCub STOL Landing Competition Event

Event Details

Server - Casual Server

Aircraft - XCub

Departure Airport - Oshkosh-Wittman Regional Airport [KOSH]

Departure Time - 1600Z Wednesday, July 31, 2019 4:00 PM

Projected Flight Time - 20 Minutes [20MIN]

Arrival Airport - Oshkosh-Wittman Regional Airport [KOSH]

Flight Details

Follow The Leader to Oshkosh in a pattern
Copy rough FPL During Event

Cruising Altitude - 4,500ft

Cruising Speed - 120knts KIAS

Competition Details

  1. This competition will be scored off of smoothness, centerline, and the distance traveled. An extra 5 points will be awarded to those who utilize Unicom correctly and fly professionally.

  2. You may dispute the results if you believe that you should have received a higher score. I will be the sole judge but both me (judge) and you (Pilot) have a replay function to use. If you win your dispute, you will be regraded by a council of people (3 total - including me) and those scores will be added up and divided by 3 to find the average score.

  3. The landing spot will be on the touchdown block and that will be a perfect 10 points for landing and stopping on that. Your score will decrease the longer you go down the runway to land

  4. You are allowed 1 go around

  5. You only get one try (with a go around available)

  6. Winner will receive bragging rights and nothing more

Departure Parking @ KOSH

Reserving a spot is open to ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!
Spawn by the EAA Grass Area West (260-270)

Attendee Callsign
@Balloonchaser Balloonchaser
@RotorGuy N397AL
@Jack_Q N24320
@IFATC_Andrew Blue streak 5214
@Patrick305 P305
@Edivan_dcds EMD-NL
@Altaria55 ALT55

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Sign me up - Been wanting to host a STOL event.

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Retracting my statement. I fly like garbage in the XCub. Have fun guys.


I will hopefully be able to make it. I can’t land the X-Cub to save my life though, so I may just watch. :)

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Count me in! Sounds like a blast!

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Count me in! It’s on like donkey Kong boys.


Sweet! I’m gonna try to make it. I’ll know around 1530z if I can!


Roger. You guys are signed up

@CJLAviation what will your Callsign be?

Event Begins In 1 Hour

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Sign me up! Hope i’ll be ready after dinner.

Callsign: EMD-NL

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Ooh, sign me up lmao

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Yeah, I’m coming. At work, so there’s a small chance I might disappear, but probably not. See ya’ll soon!

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Roger. You guys are signed up

Event Begins In 10 Minutes

I’ll come along. Always fun watching others crash the cub.

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butter the cub

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Spawning in


@AdamCallow #Fail

Just giving you some pre comp entertainment.