[Completed] World's Shortest A380 Flight @ OMDB - 260900ZAUG18

Can we please have the flight plan?

Since the flight plan is subject to change due the weather at event, it will most definitely be posted a couple hours before the start of this event.

Just gave it in, Departure and arrival runway will be informed shortly…


Plan is ready but , departure and runway will be confirmed 2 hours before the event begins.


You are in @SimpleWaffles C57 is yours.

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I just realized how early I’ll have to wake up for this, take me out.

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Where are u from? Just want to know se can adjust the event time likewise.

I am from america. It’s at 4 am for me.

Yeah time zones can cause problems,but in Japan it’s at 6 pm. But that’s because 9 am U.S time events are at 3 am over here.

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You do realise that is T1 and Emirates do not fly out of there,they fly out of T2/T3 mainly T3 for A380’s.

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It’s just an event… I chose it because it’s a bit isolated area and peeps don’t use it much.

Wanna join let me know?

Can I have gate C53 please

@Marek C53 is yours…

I have adjusted and removed your name from the event

Hello, I would like to participate in this event as atc

ground and tower if possible

a question I live in Spain and I do not know what is the event here

the event starts in the time zone of dubai or the region of the United States?

Thank you

Book me in for C49, Cheers!

Yes , you are in for C49 @Cpt_Scott

Spain is exactly 1hour behind Dubai time…for eg if it’s 10 am in Dubai it’s 09am in Spain.
Congo , you are in for Atc @Othman_Asli

perfect thank you very much see you on Sunday!

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