[Completed] World's Shortest A380 Flight @ OMDB - 260900ZAUG18

Can only stick around for a little though,I still gotta work on that website.

My special thank goes @Cpt_Scott & @Othman_Asli for providing exceptionally good quality atc , you will be my first future recommendations.

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Why Atlanta now fly no need atc now.

Well anyone want to join me for my event?

Which one??? I would love to.

in the expert server today everyone is in Atlanta and atc expert too

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Are you going to do a return flight?

I will make it an event again…

Next week maybe…not confirmed.

How many NM’s out are you?

! IMG_20180826_141613|830x466 infiniteflight

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Nice screen resolution! Wish mine was that good…

Anybody interested to do a flight with me?

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I could do it but if it’s a long flight I do not know if I can
where will you fly?

Ok I will do a long flight

Lets fly From Perth to London, the kangaroo route.

Can I have C63 boss, cheers mate

Event is over unfortunately @Vicki_Donaghey

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