(COMPLETED) Wings over Tucson Airshow @ KDMA - 23/241700ZMAR19

March 2019 will bring Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona, or at least it will at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Davis Monthan AFB is home to the Air Force Graveyard, and annually hosts one of the west coast’s largest Airshows. This year, the developing VO, Infinite Flight Council of Airshows (IFCAS) was scheduled to host an event based off of the real life show. IFCAS’s services will be used during the show, to test our programs in action, however I will be hosting the event, as our VO is being certified with IFVARB.

The 30 minute slots are only for aerobatic teams and displays lasting the whole time slot.

Event Information

SERVER: Casual




  • 1700-1715Z (10:00-10:15AM MST) - @morgan99 | C-130J-30 Display
  • 1715-1730Z (10:15-10:30AM MST) - @Infi | F-14 Display
  • 1730-1745Z (10:30-10:45AM MST) - @Scott.Cooper | IFCAS C-130J-30 Super Hercules
  • 1745-1800Z (10:45-11:00AM MST) -
  • 1800-1820Z (11:00-11:20AM MST) - @DeltaMD88Fan | IFCAS F-16 Viper Demo
  • 1820-1830Z (11:20-11:30AM MST) - @Rocco_Palen | IFCAS KC-10 Extender Demo
  • 1830-1345Z (11:30-11:45AM MST) - @Andres_Rodriguez1 | F-16 Display
  • 1845-1900Z (11:45-12:00PM MST) - @Scott.Cooper | IFCAS Spitfire Display
  • 1900-1915Z (12:00-12:15PM MST) - @Captain_Tank | Eva Air 787-10 Flypasts
  • 1915-1930Z (12:15-12:30PM MST) - @United_1154 | P38 Lightning Display
  • 1930-1950Z (12:30-12:50PM MST) - @DeltaMD88Fan | IFCAS Cirrus SR-22 “Michael Goulian” Extreme Aerobatics & F-14 Tomcat “Shockwave” RACE!
  • 1950-2020Z (12:50-1:20PM MST) - @Rocco_Palen | IFCAS Canadian CF-18 Demo
  • 2020Z-2040Z (1:20-1:40PM MST) - @morgan99 | Airbus A330-300 Display
  • 2040Z-2100Z (1:40-2:00PM MST) - @BadPlane | IFCAS Boeing 787-8 Display
  • 2100Z-2115Z (2:00-2:15PM MST) - @Ben_W | Air Force One Flybys
  • 2115-2130Z (2:15-2:30PM MST) - @SpeakerDemos | C-17 Globemaster III
  • 2130Z-2220Z (2:30-3:20PM MST) - IFCAS F-22 Raptor Demo @Nate_Schneller / @SunDown @DeltaMD88Fan A-10 Warthog Demo / USAF Heritage Flight

Event Information


DISCORD LINK: Vital for communication, please join the server!

  • Services include: Announcing, music and entertainment!


  1. ALPHA 1-01: @DeltaMD88Fan
  2. ALPHA 1-02: @Nate_Schneller
  3. ALPHA 1-03: @Scott.Cooper (spitfire)
  4. ALPHA 1-04: @SunDown
  5. ALPHA 1-05: @SpeakerDemos
  6. ALPHA 1-06: @Jonathan_Tweedy
  7. ALPHA 1-07: @Infi
  8. ALPHA 1-08: @United_1154
  9. ALPHA 1-09: @Michael_Czyz
  10. ALPHA 1-10:
  11. ALPHA 1-11: spectator
  12. ALPHA 1-12: spectator
  13. ALPHA 1-13: spectator
  14. ALPHA 1-14: spectator
  15. ALPHA 1-15: spectator
  16. ALPHA 1-16: spectator
  17. ALPHA 1-17: spectator
  18. ALPHA 1-18: spectator
  19. ALPHA 1-19: spectator
  20. ALPHA 1-20: spectator
  21. ALPHA 1-21: spectator
  22. ALPHA 1-22: spectator
  23. ALPHA 1-23: spectator
  24. ALPHA 1-24: spectator
  25. ALPHA 1-25: spectator
  26. ALPHA 1-26: spectator

All airliners / Heavy jets have parking at their discretion as the only heavy gate is AMARG Ramp, you will spawn there and taxi over to us.

IFCAS Virtual Organization

“IFCAS was founded with the primary goal of bringing together virtual aerobatic pilots and airshow enthusiasts from around the world. Our organization revolves around education, entertainment, and Integrity. Our family of members train every week, for hours on end, our aerobatic routines. Hosting airshows within the community of Infinite Flight, and bringing pilots together with the common interest is what we strive for.”

Our organization is still in development, we are officially not hosting this event, It is a scheduled event that was supposed to be hosted by IFCAS, but I am hosting it myself, while testing IFCAS’s services in action.

If you would like to join our organization, feel free to visit our website, and if you would like to support our organization, leave a like on this thread and a visit to our website would be much appreciated.


More news to come as the event is just under a month away! If you would like to be part of the event, comment below what aircraft and what time you would like to perform at.


Sign me up please


Sure thing! Aircraft and time slot please if you are wanting to perform

Do I need any training


I wanna sign up!


If there is any opportunity to fly any of the fighter jets to show it off or doing any vertical takeoffs…i am keen on doing it:)


Any form of performance would be amazing for the show, for IFCAS’s programs yes you will, which we offer 😉

Roger that! Glad to have you on board! What aircraft type and what time slot would you like?

I would like to take the 1730z to 1800z time slot,how about You suggest what I should do

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DVs will rock this show!

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Hi, am I able to take the 1700 -1715Z slot in the C130J-30 please?

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I’ll fly the A10 requested time slot is 1830 please

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Roger that! I will add you for that slot!

Sure thing!

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The 30 mins slots are more for aerobatic teams or group performances, as they need more time. Is there another slot you’d be interested in?

Also will your performance be of 30 min length? The 30 min slots are primarily for multiple performers flying one single demonstration. Such as a group flight or an aerobatic team.

Sure…i will display the F-14

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No it will be just me thanks

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What do I do to train

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You train what you will be flying, your aerobatic routine. If you don’t have one, create one then practice it.