[Completed, vote for next event! 52 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Partnered with Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]


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Sorry to mess you around, can I change from KDTW-RKSI to KDTW-EHAM? This route is also flown by Delta using their Airbus A350-900 (IF: Boeing 787-800)


It’s fine!
See you there.


I will take A30 A330-200 to EHAM.


You are in!

What will be your callsign?


Delta 132 to EHAM


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Sign me up please


What gate would you like?


I’ll look at it


I will take A1 to KMSY


What will be your callsign so I can add you In?


Delta2282 will be my callsign


My call sign will be TFC-005.


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Braydenma requesting KFLL at gate A27. with callsign AAV631


CaptainMorin requesting KMIA @gate A25 with callsign DLVA631, DLVA has however recenlty added the a319 to that route is this possible.


@braydenma and @CaptainMorin you guys are in, see you there.


I’ll take A49 to KBOS please
Callsign DL1282


A49 is yours! See you in Detroit :)