[Completed, vote for next event! 52 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Partnered with Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]


You are in! See ya there :)


Thanks for helping me get 22 attendees in the first day! It means a lot to me :)


@Luke_Sta the Lufthansa service to Frankfurt was operated by a 340 now it is a B744 not a 330


I’m not mad lol,and I’m not waking up at 3 AM so I can fly an A330 to Nagoya.


Gate A20 to KATL, please. DLVA9818


A20 is yours! See ya there :)


Can I take D1 except in a CRJ-900?
Callsign C-VJKG


D1 is yours! See you there :)


Thank you!


Can I change to A40, and instead of the 777-200, may I take the 787-10?


A40 is yours! See you there!

I gave you the realistic callsign for the flight if you would like to keep it, if not, please comment below on what you would like it to be


Can I please have A50 to RKSI. But, can you change the A330 to the A359 (B788). I’m DLVA0320. Can’t Wait!


I’ take D18 to KMCO FFT1071


Hey Luke! Is it possible to get an Alaska route squeezed into one of the gates? IRL, Alaska does DTW-SEA using their 738. I will most likely use an A320 though, as that is the aircraft my VA uses for this route. If I can do that, I will take any of the D gates. Callsign will be ASVA022. If not, I will gladly sign up for another gate and route, just let me know. Thanks!


I’ll take gate D11 please :) to MMUN
Callsign: SpiritWings121


@janksadam, @Cargo, @Alex_Lopresti you have been added! See you there!

@bdreslin02, I put you in at D10 in a 738 (for realistic purposes. See you there!


Would you mind adding a gate to Baltimore in the Delta A319 out of McNamara? Callsign will be Delta 2660.

DTW is definitely a cool airport. I love flying there and agree that it is underappreciated. Thanks for organizing!


Thanks! Can’t wait!


I put you in at A75. See you there!


I will be in a 737-700 gate D20.