[Completed, vote for next event! 52 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Partnered with Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]


A68 is yours! See you there!


Can you change my gate D26 for A13 to PBI, callsign DLVA243 ty


A19 to JFK. DLVA024. Thanks


@Sebastian9915 and @Matt_Masiello you have been added! See You There :)


Gate A18 to LAX in the b739 (if not already taken)-DLVA1506. Looks fun!

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Can I please change to A28 with the MD-11? thanks
Callsign is the same

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A2 please.

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DLVA2323 will be my callsign.

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My callsign is gonna be Delta 2311

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I will have A60 to RJGG
That route is nicknamed the motor city route as Nagoya is a major industrial city for japan and is the headquarters of Toyota Mitsubishi etc

I’ll be representing DLVA

@SimpleWaffles don’t be mad I took that route


Can I take gate D4B (but can I switch to the 738)?

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I’d love to have gate A4. Callsign will be DLVA428. :)

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I’ll take A2, DLVA9375

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I’ll take A34 to London thanks! DLVA221

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@AZA.DAL.610, @Aviation_1298, @Pilot_urp, @CameronH21, @757fan, @MrMrMan you been added! See you all there!
@Delta319, your gate is changed! See you there!
@CapriciousWisewater, A2 is taken, would you like a different gate?


Spirit Virtual now sponsors the fly-out!

Thanks @SpiritVirtual and @Cameron_Stone for helping! Thanks!


Thank you! Looking forward to this one.

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Gate A7 for me please, dlva2187

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A7 is yours! See you there :)

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I’ll take D20 in a 737-700. Callsign: Southwest 3077

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