[Completed, vote for next event! 52 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Partnered with Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]


Hello all! Welcome to another event of mine! Today I will be hosting a Huge DTW Flyout!
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Why Detroit?

Detroit, I feel, is a very Underdeserved Airport in Infinte Flight. Barely Anyone goes there. So let’s fill it with a Huge fly out to bring more people to DTW! It is also the second largest overall hub for Delta, and a hub for Spirit.

What is some basic information about this fly out?

Server: Expert
Airport/Region: KDTW/Southeastern Michigan
Date and Time: 2019-03-02T18:00:00Z
NOTAM: Spawn in at your gate at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled event start time.
Use Unicom respectfully. No spamming Unicom.
This is the expert server, act professionally!
Have a lot of fun!
This is not a set route event, so please utilize a flight plan maker. I recommend fpltoif.com or simbrief.com.

More info about DTW:


Here are the gates for the Event. I can change gates around if they are a real route and can be verified.
Delta, Air France, and AeroMexico utilizes the A Gates,
Delta Connection utilizes the B and C gates, and All other airlines utilize the D gates.
I ask for your callsign to know who everyone is :)

McNamara Terminal "A" Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User Callsign
A1 KMSY Delta 717-200 @Michael_Czyz Delta 2282
A2 KATL Delta 737-800 @CameronH21 DLVA2323
A3 KMSP Delta 737-900 @AviationGaming AVIGAMIN
A4 KSFO Delta 737-900 @Carlo-Espino10
A5 KBNA Delta 737-900 @MrMrMan DLVA428
A6 KSJC Delta 737-900
A7 KORD Delta A319-100 @mwe2187 DLVA2187
A8 KDEN Delta 737-900 @Luke_Sta Delta 1854
A9 KSTL Delta 717-200
A10 KGRR Delta 737-900 @Joseph007 TFC-005
A11 KDFW Delta 717-200
A12 KPHX Delta A321-200
A13 KPBI Delta A319-100 @Sebastian9915 DLVA243
A15 KMCI Delta 717-200
A17 KLGA Delta A319-100 @Michael_McMurray DLVA1185
A18 KLAX Delta 737-900 @Aviation_1298 DLVA1506
A19 KJFK Delta A319-100 @Matt_Masiello DLVA024
A20 KATL Delta 757-200 @Kristopher_Brown DLVA9818
A21 KOMA Delta 717-200
A23 KPIT Delta 717-200
A24 KSEA Delta 757-200
A25 KMIA Delta 717-200 @braydenma AAV631
A27 KFLL Delta A319-100 @CaptainMorin DLVA631
A28 LIRF Delta MD-11 @Delta319 DLVA034 Heavy
A29 KCLT Delta 717-200 @esant_15
A30 EHAM Delta A330-300 @Blue_Diamond196
A31 MMMX AeroMexico 737-700 @Callum_King1 AeroMexico 31
A34 EGLL Delta A330-300 @AZA.DAL.610 DLVA221
A38 ZBAA Delta 777-200LR @Haifan_Day DL139
A40 LFPG Air France 787-10 @Pilot_B
A43 KRDU Delta 717-200
A45 KDCA Delta 717-200
A46 EGLL Delta A330-300 @Aviator_WASUPFAMBOI Delta 430 Heavy
A47 KPHL Delta 717-200
A49 KBOS Delta A319-100 @zand3r DL1282
A50 EHAM Delta 787-8
A51 KBUF Delta 717-200 @janksadam DLVA0320
A53 KTPA Delta 717-200
A54 LFPG Delta A330-300 @DBOB DLVA1258
A55 KALB Delta 717-200
A56 KLAX Northwest 747-200 @United_1154
A59 KMKE Delta 717-200
A60 RJGG Delta A330-300 @Pilot_urp
A61 KJAX Delta 717-200
A63 KGRR Delta A319-100 @Cloudcrasher1 Delta 2655
A64 PHNL Delta A330-300
A66 KSEA Delta 757-200 @AviationJack
A67 KGSP Delta 717-200
A68 KMCO Delta 757-200
A69 KGSO Delta 717-200
A70 MMUN Delta 737-900
A71 KEWR Delta 717-200
A72 MMMX Delta A319-100
A73 KSAT Delta A319-100
A74 MKJS Delta A319-100
A75 KBWI Delta A319-100 @rileymoyer Delta 2660
A76 KSJC Delta 737-900 @BigBert10 DLVA100
A77 KSLC Delta 737-900
A78 KMSP Delta 717-200 @Air3
McNamara Terminal "B and C" Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User Callsign
B1 KLAN Delta CRJ-200
B2 KCIU Delta CRJ-200
B3 KMBS Delta CRJ-200
B4 KCVG Delta CRJ-700
B5 KMDW Delta CRJ-700
B6 KORD Delta CRJ-700
B7 KCLE Delta CRJ-900
B8 KCMH Delta CRJ-700
B9 KSDF Delta CRJ-700
B10 KCMI Delta CRJ-900
B11 KOMA Delta CRJ-900
B12 KCVG Delta CRJ-700
B15 KMKE Delta CRJ-900
B16 KIND Delta CRJ-900
B18 KSYR Delta CRJ-700
B19 KMHT Delta CRJ-900 @Flying_Ryan
B20 KBTV Delta CRJ-900
B21 KRIC Delta E170
C1 KAZO Delta CRJ-200
C2 KESC Delta CRJ-200
C4 KGRR Delta E170
C5 KSBN Delta CRJ-200
C6 KFWA Delta CRJ-200
C7 KGRB Delta CRJ-200
C8 KATW Delta CRJ-700
C9 KMSN Delta CRJ-700
C10 KMDT Delta CRJ-700
C11 KSWF Delta CRJ-200
C12 KHSV Delta CRJ-900 @Matthew_20204
C13 KPVD Delta CRJ-900
C14 KCHS Delta CRJ-900 @Patrick_Gallagher DLVA523
C15 KORF Delta CRJ-900
C16 KTVC Delta CRJ-700
C17 KOKC Delta CRJ-900
C18 KPLN Delta CRJ-200
C19 KMLI Delta CRJ-200
C20 KDCA Delta CRJ-900 @baseball_inferno
C21 KLIT Delta CRJ-900
C22 KPWM Delta CRJ-900
C23 KSAW Delta CRJ-200
C24 KALB Delta CRJ-900
C25 KBHM Delta CRJ-900
C26 KCID Delta CRJ-900
C27 KCHA Delta CRJ-700
C28 KDSM Delta CRJ-900
C29 KIAH Delta CRJ-900
C30 KJAX Delta CRJ-900
C31 KLEX Delta CRJ-200
C32 KCWA Delta CRJ-200
C33 KLSE Delta CRJ-200
C34 KAPN Delta CRJ-200
C35 KBGM Delta CRJ-200
C36 KSCE Delta CRJ-200
C37 KITH Delta CRJ-200
C38 KLGA Delta CRJ-900
C39 KJFK Delta CRJ-900 @Potato-Internet
C40 CYYZ Delta CRJ-700 @EthanT2 DLVA 02
C41 CYOW Delta CRJ-700
C43 CYUL Delta CRJ-700
North Terminal "D" Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User Callsign
D1 CYYZ Air Canada CRJ-900 @WestJet737767 C-VJKG
D2 KORD United CRJ-700
D3W EDDF Lufthansa A330-300
D4B KEWR United 737-800 @757fan UVAL027
D5W OJAI Royal Jordanian 787-8 @Procrastinator_Kenny
D6 KDEN United A320-200
D8 KSFO United A320-200
D9 KSEA Alaska A320-200 @Dylan_M ASVA008
D10 KSEA Alaska 737-800 @bdreslin02 ASVA004
D11 MMUN Spirit A321-200 @Alex_Lopresti Spirit Wings 121
D12 KIAH Spirit A320-200
D13 KDEN Spirit A320-200 @DEN_Airport N9818
D14 KFLL Spirit A321-200 @FuZion_Sami
D15 KDFW Spirit A320-200
D16 KLAX Spirit A320-200
D17 KFLL JetBlue A320-200
D18 KMCO Frontier A321-200 @Cargo FFT1071
D19 KBNA Southwest 737-700 @AirlineBub SWA1979
D20 KBWI Southwest 737-800 @JeromeJ SWA3077
D21 KATL Southwest 737-700 @Steven_Duvall
D22 KSTL Southwest 737-700 @Kevinsoto1502
D23 KDAL Southwest 737-800 @ClarenceTheAvgeek SWA76
D24 KORD American CRJ-700
D25 KPHX American A320-200
D26 KDFW American A320-200
D28 KPHL American CRJ-700
D30 KCLT American CRJ-900
D32 BIKF WOW A320-200
Cargo/GA Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User Callsign
Fed Ex 1 KMEM FedEx MD-11 @Operator
Fed Ex 2 KIND FedEx MD11 @InfiniteNick
UPS 1 KRFD UPS 757-200
UPS 2 KSDF UPS 757-200
GA 1 Anywhere Any GA livery Any GA Aircraft
GA 2 Anywhere Any GA livery Any GA Aircraft

More gates will be added if needed.

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I hope to see you in the motor city!

Delta Virtual | Continuing to Soar | 100,000 Hours Strong!
{24 Participants, POSTPONED} Boston Flyout! | @KBOS XX1900ZMAR19 {sponsored by VirtualBlue}
[Closed] [22 Attending] Tampa Bay Flyout @ KTPA - 241900ZFEB19
[Closed] FedEx Express event Vol.2| Fly-out Memphis @KMEM – 021530ZMAR19
unlisted #2
listed #3

Change this to the 787-10 and i’m in. Thanks
DLVA34 Heavy is the callsign as you’d expect :)


May I have Gate D23 to KDAL please? Callsign - SWA76.

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I’ll take a gate to KMSP, callsign AVIGAMIN

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Why was this topic unlisted Ewan? Anyways, Gate A17 for me!


I’ll take gate D5W

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I’ll take gate A29 to CLT.

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I’ll be attending!! I love KDTW!! I’ll chose a gate it a bit thanks!

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I’ll take Gate D26 ty

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@AviationGaming, @Delta319, and @ClarenceTheAvgeek, you have been added! See You there!
@Dylan_M, the topic was unlisted because it was incomplete.
@Dylan_M, @Sebastian9915, @esant_15, and @Matthew_20204, you have been added, but you didn’t provide a callsign, could you provide one please or else I will make one for you :)


This Flyout has now been sponsored by Delta Virtual!

Delta Virtual Air Lines is a non-profit organization and is made to give our pilots the most professional and realistic flying experience in the Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We have nearly 350 destinations along with nearly 1,200 routes that our pilots fly daily. We are always open to having new pilots join. Just simply fill out our application on our website and get a reasonable grade on your written test and you’ll be a DLVA pilot in no time. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Infinte Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Airlines Inc. All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licsencee under licence from Delta Air Lines Inc.

Thanks @MrMrMan and @Delta_Virtual for helping me sponsoring the event!


Anyway I could grab C40? C-ETHM, thanks!

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We at Delta Virtual are looking forward to this one. Nice event!


C40 is yours! See you there!


I’ll take gate d13 to Denver

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D13 is yours!

I gave you the realistic callsign for the flight If you want it

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I’ll stick with my callsign just for reasons

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I’ll take gate A68 to KMCO as DLVA523.

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