[Completed] VGVA 737 Celebration @YPPH- 092100ZDEC18


VGVA New Virgin Australia 737 Flight

Big Thanks to @Oli_H for the Photo

Welcome to another Virgin Group VA event. This flight will take us along the beautiful coast of Australia from Perth all the way up to Port Hedland. We have one big airport up on our list as well as a smaller one so we can really test out the durability of the new 737.

Server: Training Server [TS1]

Aircraft: 737-800 Virgin Australia

Date and Time: Sunday Dec. 9th 2100Z
December 9, 2018 9:00 PM

Departure: YPPH Perth
December 9, 2018 9:05 PM

Flight Time: 1hr and 55mins

Arrival: YPPD Port Hedland
December 9, 2018 11:00 PM

Flight Plan/Flight Details

Flight Plan

YPPH GURAK 3029S/11544E 2913S/11601E JANNA SCRUB REMBO 2200S/11756E BUTON YPPD

Fuel: Announced Closer to departure
Weight: Pilot Descrstion



Climb Details

Planned Depature Runway : 03
Scheduled Depature Time 1810Z



Cruise Details

Cruise Speed - Mach .80
Cruise Altitude - FL350

Please Maintain 5 to 10nm separation at cruise


Arrival Details

Decent Details

Below FL100
Airspeed MAX 240 Knots
Please follow all ATC instructions and please keep a minimum of 5nm and 1000ft of separation

Planned Arrival Runway 14
Scheduld Arrival Time - 2000Z

  • Please Spawn in 10-15 mins before depature
  • Maintain 5-10nm of separation at all parts of flight
  • Please follow any VGVA Staff member instructions
  • Planned Flight Plan is subject to change

Gate Assigments

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 143 @Trevor_A VGVACEO
Gate 144 @Knellered VGVACP
Gate 145 @Christopher_Coyne VGVAEM
Gate 146 @Laurent_Wellman VGVA 1943
Gate 147 @Corgi VGVA 7
Gate 148 @Victor2 VGVA ?
Gate 149 @Bne.aviation Velocity 23
Gate 150 @Pilotcorn09 Velocity 379
Gate 151 @Juan_Oosthuizen VGVA 4
Gate 152 @SteveSolo VGVA 737
Gate 153
Gate 154
Gate 155

More gates will be added if needed


Place Postion ATC
YPPH Tower @PlaneCal
YPPH Ground @Mazen_Selim
YPPH Approach
YPPD Tower @PlaneCal
YPPD Ground @Mazen_Selim
YPPD Approach

We have a lot of great events internally and on the IFC for you to join so I highly recommend joining us today to get into all of these fun upcoming events.

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Virgin Virtual Group | 100 Pilots Reached!

Any gate. VGVA1943


I’ll join the fun at gate 146 with the callsign velocity 25


Gate 146 please


I’ll come gate 149 callsign velocity 32


I would come if it wasnt at 4:30am South Aussie time…


I can make a time charge for you probaly. What’s the earliest you can come?


probably 8am Adelaide time


Maybe 7am if i get up


I agree could you please put the time at 7:00am because 4:00am is rlly early


I think its 4:00am perth time not adelaide time


I can be ground control


Can I be YPPH tower?


a real sightseer !


@Bne.aviation @Adelaide_Aviation We have had a time change to 2100Z

Time Change to 2100Z

December 9, 2018 9:00 PM


Even better chance for me to make this!!!


Awesome count me in!


Make Sure to Grab Your Gate Now

Event Starts at:

December 9, 2018 9:00 PM


Recommended Fuel has been Calculated

Thanks to fuelplanner.com we have the recommended fuel load for this flight. We recommend 19,250 lbs which will give us a duration of 3:21.


Can I please have gate 150 please and my callsign will be Velocity 379.