[COMPLETED] UVA & NSV | Celebration Series @ KDEN - 111700ZMAY19

Perfect! Got you signed up.

Sign me up :-) B30 NSV006 - A320

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Absolutely! Thanks for joining!

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Event is only a few days away. Sign up and join UVA and NSV pilots for this short flight!

Gate B27 NSV2104C sign me Up! :)

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B41 United 1964 Please

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@ifpilotjoel Thank you for joining! Gate B27 is taken but I signed you up at Gate 31.

@Alp_Townend Thank you joining our event! See you in an hour!

is there a free gate i’m a pilot from NSV

Hi! B23 is open.

hey thanks I’m joining

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Shame I couldn’t make it got a violation so couldn’t access expert server

Thanks to everyone that attended the event! We had a great break in-between the thunderstorms in Houston!

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