[Completed] USCG-IF Virtual Assault Landing Competition @ KBOI - 102200ZJUN18


Server: Casual

Departure Airport: Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field [KBOI]

Arrival Airport: ID41

Aircraft: C130J (USCG Livery)

Flight Plan:* KBOI HULKU BOI12 ZIZAZ 4335N/11557W 4336N/11551W 4338N/11548W VELUY UTEGE 55H 44N15 U87 RUYLO 20973 HOSUN 79U ID41

June 10, 2018 10:00 PM

NOTAM: Come join USCG-IF Virtual through a course of assault landings. We will spawn at KBOI and perform 2 Assault Landing Touch & Go’s and then fly to our destination for the more challenging Assault Landing.

Pilots will be evaluated on Total Aircraft Control, from takeoff at KBOI, reaching correct altitudes, control during Assault Touch and Go’s and the Final Assault Landing. My Command Staff will be spread throughout the course to evaluate pilots.

To be fair, the course will not be disclosed to anyone other than my Command Staff judges until the day of the event, ensuring that no one can get a competitive advantage. So, come have fun with us and test the limits of the C130J Hercules. Non-USCG-IF pilots can request any available callsign above USCG1000.

Winner of the competition will get recognition on IFC as well as an invitation to join USCG-IF at the advanced rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO), which is our 5th rank.

Gate Pilot Callsign
Military Apron 01
Military Apron 03 @Devin_Pletcher USCG0107
Military Apron 05 @Beast_Assassin USCG0201
Idaho National Guard Apron 01 @M.Horstede USCG0205
Idaho National Guard Apron 02 @Noah_Simonich USCG0210
Idaho National Guard Apron 03 @Bajisa USCG1001
Idaho National Guard Apron 04 @Ashton USCG 0106
Idaho National Guard Apron 05 @Scott.Paddon USCG0111
Idaho National Guard Apron 06 @xtcride1974 USCG1002
Military Apron 06 @AdamTanA350 USCG2005
Military Apron 07 @Caden_Colvin USCG2001
Military Apron 08 @Playr_Mar USCG1081
Military Apron 09 @CapnDoug USCG0207
Military Apron 10

(More Gates will be added if necessary)

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Idaho national Guard Apron 01

Callsign USCG0205

Lets " Butter the Bread"


Gate please. USCG0210

You have been added.

Thank you @M.Horstede, gate is yours.

Can I join. Can I have uscg1001

Idaho National Guard Apron 03 for you! Welcome!

gate please

@Ashton You have been added! Good Luck!

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Thank you so much !,!

How long will it be on for as i have a IFAEGAF memorial flypast on the same day for the Battle of Britain anniversary ??


Probably about an hour or less depending on how many participants.

Can i get a gate please

Can I join the challenge?

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Yes you can. Just reply to Charles with: Gate please

It is pretty simple. Best of luck 😀

What gate can I use?

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Gate Idaho National Guard 05 for you @Scott.Paddon

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@xtcride1974 Gate Idaho National Guard 06, assigned callsign USCG1002

Don’t be so sure @Beast_Assassin

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