[Completed] USAT | Recruitment Event & Memorial Event @ KCAE - 092200ZJUL17

Server: Training

Region: North Carolina

Airport: KCAE

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: This event was made to recruit pilots into our new VA called USAT which stands for United States Air Transport. But also in memory of my uncle that pass and wanted to make it special for him who sees me from above.
Want to join USAT? Go HERE and apply today!

Aircrafts To Use: Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna Citation X, A318, A319, Boeing 717-200 (Generic Liverys)

Flight Details:
Climbing Speed: 240KIAS
Climbing VS: 2000ft
Cruise Altitude: FL250 (25,000ft)
Decent: 50NM out, Decent and Maintain FL050 (5,000ft)
Decent VS: At Pilots Discretion
Decent Speed: 190KIAS

Flight Plan:
Take off from KCAE and go around the whole North Carolina Region. Its not touch and go so maintain Cruise until you make it back to KCAE.
Flight plan may vary according to weather!

Parking: GA 01 ~ @InfiniteFlightGuy | SAT613 | CCX
Parking: GA 02 ~ @Ukulele | SAT267 | CCX
Parking: GA 03 ~ @Kevin_Potthast | SAT145 | CCX
Parking: Gate 1 ~ @RonnyMartin | SAT677 | 717
Parking: Gate 2 ~ @Jeffrey1o2 | SAT102 |717
Parking: Gate 3 ~ @iflightpilot_09 |SAT157| A318
Parking: Gate 4 ~
Parking: Gate 5 ~

More gates will be added if necessary

If you’re joining please make your callsign to SATXXX and replace the X with numbers of your choice. Comment below your callsign and gate you prefer to have.


I’m sorry for your loss, I believe I can make the event, will keep you updated. Sign me up in the CCX with the numbers being 145, thank you and the event looks great!

Thanks for being interested. And sure will add you. And thanks for the feedback ;) also what gate would you like?

I am very sorry for your loss. May he Rest In Peace… 😔🙏

I cannot make the event though, sorry.

Its okay. But thanks.

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Any gate, I dont mind

okay then ill add you

Ok thank you, I will alert you if anything comes up. Sorry for your loss.

Thank you @Kevin_Potthast

Anyone else wants to join?

once again my sincere condolences!
Pls give me any gate I’ll take the 717
Thanks in advance

Callsign? just give me three numbers

Oh yes sorry my callsign would be SAT677

okay i will add you now

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Bad at reading Zulu time… what day is this?

July 9th At 2200Z 2017

K. I will be there at Gate 3 please. Callsign will be SAT613. Thanks Miguel!

no problem. :) see you there. and also what aircraft?

Oh. Sorry. Umm… I think I’ll be in a CCX

Also, may I change my gate to GA1? Since I’m CCX?