[Completed] United Virtual | Celebrating One Year @ KEWR - 081800ZDEC18


Thank you! Assigned you to Gate C97.


Hi please dign me up for gate C103B callsign (UVA-174) Thank you


That gate is fine


You got it! See you in a few days!


Could i get my gate changed to a UVA gate now that i am a UVA pilot?


Absolutely! Switched you to Gate C103A.


Hello, put me down at any available gate!


Thanks for joining us! Assigned you to Gate C102A.


The event starts in less than a day! Let’s fill up Terminal C! :)


Gate C-99 Callsign United 12016 please


Any gate, UVA 150


Can I have gate C120, UA940?


@jakevaz423 I won’t be able to be at the event. I didn’t fly to EWR before and have to go somewhere IRL.


@Jack_H @TheTyGuy426 Thanks for joining us this morning!


I will post the flight plan and additional details 30 minutes before the start of the event.


sorry I cant participate


Looking Good Guys! Happy 1 Year UVA!

LiveFlightapp.com using the Horizon Feature


Thank you for everyone that attended!

For the guests that joined us today that are not members of UVA, consider joining us by applying here!


Your just a walking and talking billboard ad for LiveFlight 😒


@Ian_Mckillop Would love to join United Virtual! Here is my grade table.