[Completed] United Virtual | Celebrating One Year @ KEWR - 081800ZDEC18


That’s good thanks


Assigned! Thank you for joining us!


We are one week away and there are plenty of gates left. Please join us!


Hi i would like a gate. Callsign United 777


Call sign UAL856
Gate C91


Thanks @Rishon_R and @Jose_Alba1 for joining the event!

@Rishon_R I’ve assigned you to gate C92.


How do I become one of UVA



I’ll take a gate


Sure! Just need a United callsign.


Now that I am part of UVA I will need a new gate
Call sign UVA-187


Our one year anniversary is tomorrow, and there is only 4 days left until the event! Let’s try to fill up these gates as fast as possible! :)


That is awesome! Moved you to Gate C-105A.


I will be unable to attend. Please remove me to allow another person to have my gate. Thank you.


Hello, I am unsure if I will be able to attend but definitely want to attend. If you could put me on standby or if there is something like that… My callsign is UVA181 and I am a United Virtual Pilot.

Global Flyer1


Gate 112A UVA-184


Glad to see the event filling up! Thanks to everyone who is helping us celebrate one year! :)


@GlobalFlyer1 We hope you can make it! Signed you up at Gate 107B.

@Laurent_Wellman Thanks for joining! That gate is taken but I signed you up for C104A. If that doesn’t work, let me know.


That is a bummer. Hopefully you can join us at the next event!


Il take any gate call sign United 690