[Completed] United Virtual | Celebrating One Year @ KEWR - 081800ZDEC18


Thanks for joining! Signed you up at Gate C96.


You are supposed to DM me with your grade table after filling out the forum.


Oh Ok. Will do


I’ll be there. Thanks!

Gate: C 112 A-B
Callsign: UVA-157


Added! Thanks for joining!


Which dates do you speak of?


Looking forward to it.

Gate: C-99
Call Sign: UVA-122



Thanks for joining us! Added!


The event is quickly approaching, with many gates still open! Let’s try to fill up all of Terminal C! :)


I’ll take C115A-B as UVA-173!


You got it! Thanks for joining us!


Gate C139, UVA-6192 please


Thanks for joining, @harmyd will give you a gate momentarily. If you are not a part of UVA, please do not use a UVA callsign, rather use a regular United one. Would you like your callsign to be United 6192?


Sure, if you may


Thanks for joining us! Added!


Gate C107A


Hi! Gate C107A is taken. How about C106A?


Can I get any gate plz


Callsign United 2915


You got it. Assigned you to gate C127. Thanks for joining!